Polar 725 Heart Rate Monitor

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by rmaction

Has anyone got any feedback on this watch. Accuracy on the power output, ease of use, anything that might be helpful or does anyone know of a computer that does all normal functions plus cadence, heart and altitude in the one light weight unit. Thanks in advance

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by spytech

you should ask this question in the training section. motion to move :lol:

Try the polar i720 :idea: it has every function i can think of, and more.

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by mrowkoob

or buy a 710 on sale. It has all the same functions and memory space. The main difference between 710,720 and 725 besiden from different housings is transferring of data methods. The 725 can transfer via bluetooth to your phone I think and the 720 to Ir ports on portbale pc´s while the 710 needs an extra usb "gizmo". There are no differences between them in terms of accuracy and training functions.

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by gholl

Mrowkoob is correct. Aside from cosmetic changes the difference is in downloading capabilities. Also be aware that the cadence and power functions require extra (sometimes expensive) sending units that both add weight and may be difficult to mount on compact frames with unusual tubes. Even the speed sending unit can be tough to mount on aero forks. The altitude function requires no sending unit, provides interesting information, but is highly inaccurate. Furthermore, although the 7 series provides much more information than previous Polar models, fewer functions are on the screen at one time. Viewing more functions means pushing buttons-which is distracting and dangerous when moving at speed. The idea of strapping the watch around the handlebars, although having the advantage of allowing the piece to be worn on the wrist, to me seems bulky and primative- I'm surprised this hasn't been redesigned. Having said all this, one probably can't beat Polar at this time- however, it strikes me that some company should try.

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by rmaction

thanks for the replies, from what i have seen the polar seems to have the others beat on features, but ease of use and small screen seem to be the problem, still curious if anyone know how accurate the optional power meter is that goes on the rear chain stay and derailer. Anyway, thank you for the feedback.

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by cadence90

Have you guys seen/responded to the poll I posted in the Training section?


I'm looking for advice too.

The Polar 510/520 or 710/720/725's can be found on eBay for pretty good prices often (and I understand that if one returns the warranty card with "Gift" written on it, Polar will honor the warranty).
I'm just not sure on the Polars in general, the better ones have a zillion features, sure, but all that clicking back and forth on screen, it seems like you'd need your manual in your jersey. :? Besides all the additional (pretty big) sensors one is mounting. How is the legibility on the new screens?
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by FPC

I looked seriously at adding the power output and there are at least a couple (non-Polar) webites dedicated to the proper installation of the Polar power sensor - sorry I don't know them of hand but I'm sure a few searches and you can track them down. My understanding was that setup was difficult at best and that acuracy was questionable. That said - I've had an S710 w/cadence for over 2 years and it's worked really well for me after a few month period of getting the hang of it - there are so many features on the watch and the software. Polar has been really good about warranty stuff and updating the software. It has settings for 2 bikes so, with aditional sensors, it's easy to use for both mountain and road. Anyway, I didnt go for the power sensor because it was expensive, sounded very high maintenance and of questionable accuracy - I've been hoping they'd redesign it.

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Xterra Racer
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by Xterra Racer

I use the same exact set up at FPC, and agree with every point he made. The 720i is pretty easy to use. The manual looks like it's a monster, but after a couple of days playing with it, it's a piece of cake.

I use it for cycling races (with the cycle mount) and wear it on my wrist for triathlons. It has worked great for me without any real issues.

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by Hereford Flyer

You might find this Australian Polar forum of use:-

http://www.pursuit-performance.com.au/c ... cboard.cgi

Mile Ditch
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by Mile Ditch

Try a Ciclosport HAC4


Any opinions on these?

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by rmaction

Thanks Hereford flyer, for the link to polar forum. Many questions answered there.

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by ras11

I've had my Polar power meter for a couple years now. I find is useful in tracking my performance. While it might be difficult for me to compare to PowerTap, I will say this... The polar power meter is good at looking at averages over TT, hard efforts, climbs, breaks, etc... These are good indicators of certain aspects of one's fitness. The polar power meter (along with many others) is useless to focus on during a ride, as single data points tend to have a lot of error in them. I think I got my moneies worth over the long term.

My major biff is the software. There is better software out there you can use.

There is a guy on internet that published a review of Polar, PowerTap, and SRM on the same bike. Google it, maybe you can find it. I know he found that Polar was not the greatest, but had the most bang for the buck. Good luck.
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