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super racer
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by super racer

Does any of you know's on what crank Lamce Armstrong rides?
its sure dont look like Dura ace....
and here it is with a Dura ace ring

super racer
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by super racer

i ment does anyone rides this SRM Crank... and what can you tell about it

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by cougie

No - they're not. They are some cranks set up to measure power output along with lots of other things. very useful in training, and i have seen them used in quite a few championships.

The British squad all use them too.

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by Joel

I think he uses them now too have some data to optimize his training for the Tour, then he will ride something different

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by HäddaFahn

Not only Lance is using it...yu better ask who doesnt....

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by marktickner

As you guys have noticed Lance rides the SRM power cranks. He doesnt use them all the time but only when he wants instant feedback when hes racing and training to see how he is going.
I am sure hes fine tuning his training now with the SRM cranks to make sure hes pushing the right wattage tobe ready for the Tour de France which is his main goal for the year. Once he reaches peak fitness and the Tour he will change the cranks for the lighter ones I am sure.
The SRM system measures all data instantly from wattage, heart rate, time, temperature, gradient, speed, distance, max speed, ave speed and more!
As he gets fitter he should be pushing greater wattages at the same heart rates.

I am buying my SRM cranks soon!
Also has anyone any idea where I can purchase Lances brake calipers? They are the old style Shimano AX calipers. Very aero!

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by Paul_nl

To measure power output and to ride the cranks you want ergomo is also an option.

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by C-40

Strangely, there is a set of those brakes currently on eBay: ... 37026&rd=1

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by Allan

Having seen the photo of the bike Lance is using with the cranks for measuring his output but also noticing moreso his choice of old Dura Ace AX para-pull brakes.
These things look a bit chunky and also a bit dinky if viewed from certain angles,and they certainly have that early 80s styling. One thing for sure is they have really tiny brake blocks and they hardly stop you if theres a real need to, i wonder Lance likes these things so much since they were hardly a great product even when new.

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by spaniardclimber

Almost every pro is using SRM cranks. Last sunday I met Roberto Heras in a training ride, he was on SRM, one week ago I met a Rabobank and a Liberty rider, they both where using SRM cranks.

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