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by coaster

Hi, I'm looking for the cables that come in turned alau. segments. Can someone give me the website to order them? By the way I've built and used my own cable housing this last year with good results. I bought ti tubing and put the gore ride-on inner sleave inside it with the gore ride-on shifter cables for both shifting and braking. Bending the tubing was tedious, but in the end worked great and looked great on the bike. The steering was limitted due to the tubing being solid though it did flex somewhat due to it's dia., thickness of wall, and being ti.. The next gen. will have the alau. segmented cable in the section where it can let the steering move more freely. Also, the braking was much more spongy due to the smaller dia. cable being used. I don't have a weight for the cable system but I could get it if some one was interested.


by Desperado

Believe you are referring to Nokon cables. Actually now there are a couple other manufacturers also making these.....all about the same weight and type of construction. Don't have websit , but I'll try to find one for you.

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by PK

Try the bike tuning service site at the very bottom of the links page... .... they have two types of cable-aluminium and plastic. The Aluminium for brakes, and you'll probably get away with the plastic for gear shifting. These are listed under "Züge/Außenhüllen" page.... "Brems-Aussenhülle mit Aluspirale " is the aluminium spiral cable at 37g/m and 6.14Euro/m .... "Kunststoff-Aussenhüllen " is the plastic cable at 27g/m and 3.58Euro/length(470mm). plenty of other bits here too. Have fun, PK

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by tayles

last i looked had the nokon cables

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by popawheelie

Thanks, I found the nokon cables at Excel.


by p3u

Colorado Cyclist has them on sale, 45 shifter, 45 brakes.

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by popawheelie

Thanks 3pu!

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