mounting tires on HED Alps

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by jesper


Big problems.........does any one know an esy way to mount tires on a pair of HED's clincher and I'm having BIG problems :evil:

Open to suggestions...... still I'm not interested in getting rid of the wheels, but the thought has crossed my mind...... :?


520 Dan
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by 520 Dan

just need to check one thing here, have you tried mounting more than one pair of tires, of different brands? sometimes one manufacturer uses tighter beads than others, making it a lot harder to get tires on.

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by jer

are they new tires?

if they are, mount them on a easier set of wheels, inflate them to max pressure, and leave them for a day. this works sometimes.

a guy in my shop mounted some conti GP 3000s on HED jet wheels and just about burst a vein in his forehead. At the time i was teasing him but perhaps i shoud have been nicer. :oops:

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by Bititanio

If you need to, rubbing alcohol works as a lube without killing anything (except maybe decals..) It's the best thing for mounting rubber grips on mtn bikes, too.........

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by jesper


Thanks for all the answers. :D

It's a new pair of Continental Force/attack. I've used to ride Schwalbe, but now it's time for something new.......... :)

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