What Magnet to use on Carbon Fiber Spokes?

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by Sybarite

On the Dierl & Obermayer Lightweight (Also Kinetick) wheels with carbon fiber spokes, what do people use for a wheel sensor magnet? I know the ADAs come with a built in magnet, but not these. Anyone know?

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by karlux

Take any magnet you can find in your home and tape it to spoke. Easy!
Light weight everything!

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by Cyco

When I rode Corima 4 spoke wheels for TTing I epoxied a magnet to the wheel (Well actual I epoxied a piece if bent New Aero spoke to the carbon and the magnet to that. Now as committed weight weenie I would use a peice of bent CX-Ray...).

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by oswaldwark

only the rims 180 gr claimed (no the weehlset) used or new. ????
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by uraz

You can use tiny neodymium magnet (available on internet and in hardware stores). They are super cheap and comes with wide range of sizes an shapes. I would recommend using something like "Super Glue" because it's strong enough to keep magnet in place and also weak enough to allow removing it without leaving any marks. Also there is "Tune Pulsar" if you like to have branded item :wink:

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by cwar

Upgrade to Garmin's new accelerometer sensors.

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by kode54

cwar wrote:Upgrade to Garmin's new accelerometer sensors.

i had one on my rear hub...and it just didn't look right. took it off.
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by mike

don't use one at all. attach the garmin speed sensor to your crank arm.

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by petal666

cwar wrote:Upgrade to Garmin's new accelerometer sensors.
So ugly though.

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by beanbiken

[/quote]So ugly though.[/quote]

Totally agree. Have both type and whilst the new type is very convenient I prefer not to see that big lump on my hub. Will probably go back to the GS10 on bike #1.
The Corima's I am waiting on have the embedded magnet so I won't need the spoke jobbie.

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by 964Cup

Why use a speed sensor at all? - just let your Garmin use GPS for speed.

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by MartyWild

964Cup wrote:Why use a speed sensor at all? - just let your Garmin use GPS for speed.

Loving the Porsche reference!

Don't they say, magnet and speed sensor is more accurate more of the time? In the car at least, the Satnav is great for measuring your speed when constant. But it has lag when responding to changes in your speed.

I just purchased a second GSC-10 for my new bike, DC Rainmaker made the old system sound perhaps slightly more accurate and less prone to interference. Didn't like the look of the hub sensor either.

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by Butcher

Garmin GPS drops out way to often in my neck of the woods. The problem is that there is too much trees that get in the way.

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by 4ibanez

Get the Pulsar or the Carbonice one, which is a similar one which comes in black I believe. Will be ultra subtle on the spoke

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