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by hardy

roughly how much do frames gain in weight as they go up through the size range?
ie, how mucjh more does a 56cm frame weigh, compared to a 54cm frame.
also which size frames do bike companies publish for the weight?
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by mike

for carbon/ti frames, it's not that much. may 20-30 grams each frame size up.

for steel, it's much more.

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by Skillgannon

Depends on material, manufacutring practices and engineering. Some companies will havea roughly linear scale - as in the weight changes are follow a predictable pattern due to the tubing sizes. Other companies take into account the general needs of larger/smaller riders and redisgn aspects of the bike (like the BB area) depending on the ride characteristics generally needed by different sized riders.

Theres no rule, depends on the bike. But I'd say at least 75-100g for every 4cm.

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