What are these water bottle bolt spacers for???

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by Singletrackmind

Hello everyone,

I did a quick search, but did not find an answer to my question.

When I got my Scott CR1 frame, the water bottle bolts on the seat tube had aluminum spacers with them to space the bottle cage away from the frame. They are probably like 6mm thick. What are these for??? I can't really see any need for them. It looks like to me that the cage would be just fine without them.

Any thoughts?

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by Skyleth

some bottle cages can't clear the front derailleur clamp w/o the spacers (it all depends on size of your frame, where your bottle cage bosses are, and what type of cage you're using)... if the cage fits w/o any problems then i'd leave them off.
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by Singletrackmind

I thought that might be what they were for, but my cage is not even close to the front derailleur, so I then thought that they must be for something else.


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by Mottsauce

For a first hand example, I have to use the spacers on my seattube bottle cage because it does hit the front derailleur clamp. I tried to mount the cage without the spacers and the cage came loose. So, I'd assume this is the only thing they're needed for.

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by mike

you can use spacers if your cage touches the frame and it will scratch up the paint.

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by lord_brush

I got them on my CR1 too. Thing is, the frame doesn't have a clamp, but a braze-on fitting so how could this interfere? The Ghisallo I briefly had (clamp front mech), suffered exactly from this & I had to file a bit off my Tacx Tao cage as it didn't have spacers! Weird....

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