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by Oswald

He's from Wellen... Somewhere in Limbuuurgh...

by Weenie

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by martin

Florian wrote:Too bad I couldn't watch the TV coverage. :(

I take my hat off to you, Johan! :thumbup:

Kudos to Johan, what a great race! i was around after the "everybody's race" a long time to cheer a friend of mine who had won 2nd place with her girl's team (Birgit, great show! :-))
When we started to leave the Pro's race finish was in the last three laps; i had to stay despite being cold and wet to see a fellow weight weenie in the breakaway group and take third place!
Florian wrote:I just realized it, because I was fixated on the results of the everyman race:
martin finished 200th place out of 1582 riders reaching the finish.
At 2:15.59,9 (which equals to an average speed of 34,721 km/h) he was only 15 minutes slower than the winner.
Also very respectable IMHO. :D

Thanks Florian, you make me blush :oops:
I had decided to go there only last week, so i was in a bad starting position (second block - 500guys in front of you) and thus had to jump groups and close gaps all the time; and i crashed some 10km from the finish line when accelerating from a hairpin bend. Those Dugast tires seem to be a little on the delicate side in wet conditions :-)
But the Lightweights performed well even in the descents (Shimano Carbon pads rock!) an i'm quite satisfied with my result.
Some pics are at ... fotos_2004
it was REALLY wet ;-)

makes me wonder how fast i could've been had i had time to fit the new BB :twisted: no blame, Florian; It arrived on friday alright, but i got in a traffic jam so i didn't have any time...
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