Tuburlar glue and gluing

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Giant DK
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by Giant DK

Now I finally have my boras, and they are so sweet. I have two type of glue: Conti and some Pastalli. I think the conti is good enough, but does anyone know about the Pastalli (I think it's produced by zefal)....

And another quistion: The wheel has been glued one time before. So should I just reglue the rims, and then also put some glue in the new tubulars, let i dry and then mount them. Or should I just reglue the rim, put the tubulars on, and then let it dry for about 24 hours. I am a bit confused as I have been adviced to do both by two different bike shops.

Hope you can help me. I'll post some pics of the wheels on my bike, when the tires are mounted!!!!
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The best tubular gluing advice I know of:


Conti or Vittoria for glue

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by mzagorski

From personal experience, I've used both Conti and Vittoria glues. Conti appears to be easier to remove a tub when that time comes... Vittoria... man... NOT easy. I've got some lovely blisters since last night! Both are great glues IMHO.

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by strobbekoen

It depends on the condition of the base tape. Try scraping it and see how much comes off. After that, you can reglue over a clean base tape.

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by Warblade

Vittoria Mastik Only. I'll never use another glue.

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by brianwchan


You should use vittoria glue, it's supposed to have the best holding power. Since I just got my first set of carbon tubbies I think I can offer some insight that may help you. If the wheels came with tires already, they are probably stretched (will be much easier to mount). If not you can wrap it around you 'bandolier' style and stretch it that way with your hands.

Anyway, I did a lot of research before I tried mounting my first one. If you do a search on this site, there's tons of info. 2 sites are really good: the cyclingnews one (which is also the parktool tutorial) and one pdf file that's listed on some university website, shouldn't be hard to find, just do some digging. I followed exactly what the second site said. Just be patient and let the glue do its work. The site says that the glue needs 24 hours to fully cure.

You should put 2 coats of glue on the rim first, allowing time to fully dry in between. Also put a coat on the base tape of the tire when you do the rims. When you are ready to mount the tire, put a wet layer on the rim and start with the valve. Remember to pull really really hard on the tire here, otherwise it will be reallly hard to get the last part of the tire on the rim. And even if you do, it'll be hard to center it at that point. Also remember to get the sides of the rim bed with glue, and the sides of the base tape. That's where most of the holding power of the glue is. I used about half a tube of glue for one wheel for your reference.

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