Lightweight/ Reynolds wheel question

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by cadence90

Bruiser wrote:And he didn't win the road race, a small breakaway took the win when the bunch forgot about them. Was anyone else there?

What price should Ausies be paying? I know a few riders who may be interested.


Yes, as Martin says, he did win, and what an interesting Telekom triumph that was :roll: . I think Vino didn't even shake hands after....
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by tommasini

Regarding Ulrich's olympic frame - Early scandium frames commonly had necked up/down sections to get the most bang for the buck at joints vs elsewhere. Opera frames - a div of Pinnerella uses various other brands of tubing other than the Deda proprietory that Pinnerella uses.....meaning they have experiance with projects such as this.

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by rico

Incidentally, Ullrich swapped bikes at the foot of one of the big TdF climbs in 2000 - between what looked like a regular Pinarello Prince and that same thinner tubed frame...


Too wet to ride my Lightweights :cry:

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by NS

rico wrote:Too wet to ride my Lightweights :cry:

Damn I didnt see the note in the manual about only using them in the dry guess mine are ruined then :wink: :lol:

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