2006 Team Bike

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by darbydog

Here is my team bike for the year. Thought I would post it. Have not seen one on here yet.

Weight is at 15.5 with a cheap scale.

Frame/Fork Vellum Gauge 58 cm C to T
Headset FSA
Handle bars Modolo Curvissima 26.0
Stem 3T Less 26.0
Shifter Campy 10 speed Ultra
Seatpost Token TK 910
Seat SLR
Bottle Cages IRD Carbon
Crank FSA K-Force ISIS
BB Token Ti ISIS
Pedals Time RXS(being replaces with RXS Carbon Ti
Chain Mavic 10 Speed
FD Campy Centaur (replacing with campy record clamp on 35mm)
RD Campy Record 10 speed 2003
Cassette American Classic Conversion ALum
Front Wheel Zipp 303 (38mm)
Rear Wheel Zipp 303 (44mm)
Brakes Zero Gravity 05
Cables Nokon
Tires Tufo Elite
QR Performance Ti

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by ALx

very nice!
vellum? first time i heard about that brand.... where they from?
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by DiterDV

ALx wrote: vellum? first time i heard about that brand.... where they from?

The same for me, but they look really nice. I went to see on there site and the other two models seem also nice. Your build looks like a solid race bike! Light and no problem for everyday racing. Nice job!
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by zakeen

Nice bike, did your team give you nokons and 0G brakes or are they your own upgrades.

Why do you have two different zipp rims?

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by okr

Looks very much like a Trigon GRCC15 frame. Still some details are not quite similar, so it might come from another factory.

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by shabbasuraj

Very nice bike.

Look forward to your ride report.

Bike must be made in the far east.

CDN manufacturer Cycles Marinoni has a similar frame in its lineup...(with regards to the other Vellum frame the 'Edge')


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ome rodriguez
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by ome rodriguez

Hi! I'm new to this forum. Vellum main office is in the Philippines. They have their frames made in China. The factory that makes Vellum frames also makes carbon frames for Pinarello and Isaac. Please click link below.

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by darbydog

The frame is what we got from Vellum the rest of the build we could use what we want. The frames have been great so far and the ride qualkity is very nice. I rode a Fuji carbon last year and although it is a nice bike this is mucg better more responsice and quicker. The team riders had a choice between the gauge and the Edge. Most took the edge. THe 3rd modle is not yet avalable. The frame is light but not super light about 1136 g for the 58 cto top.

ome rodriguez is right the main office is in the Philippines we deal with Vellum USa out of Califonia.

shabbasuraj is right the Marinoni looks to be made in the same factory it looks identical to the Edge

zakeen 2 different zipp rims because of the same issue everyone else hase broke the rear in a race last fall just got it back. So when I had it rebuilt I went for the newer 303 in the pave version.

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by monkey

I like it because it's a bit different, 1100g for a 58cm frame is respectable(I know there's lighter). Do these guy's really make carbon frames for Pinarello and Isaac!!!!!!


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by Beeble

This one looks as it is coming from the same source:


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by darbydog

From my understanding they make the front end for Pinarello and a few other top end manufactures. I have held an Edge up to a Pinarello and they are very simulare . It is different and I agree weight wise not bad. The ride quality is super. The hardes thing I have is not riding it everyday. I train on a different bike.

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by Kuiper

What's the name of the Asian Source

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by darbydog

unfortunatly I do not know I only know what I was told by Vellum USA.

one of the changes I was going to make was to go with the Power cordz and the power cordz housing. I was told that without modifying the brake cables or the levers they would not work. Has anyone who has used the powerCordz with Campy record on the brake and shifters have any advice?

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by hamsterchick

Hi Ome Rodriguez....

Can you kindly inform us of how to get in touch with Vellum Philippines?

I am a bit curious about the frame and if the price is right I may just recommend it to a biking buddy currently on the lookout for a carbon frame.

The weight is not bad....hence the interest.

To Darbydog, ...can you give more input concerning ridefeel and performance? Further, how much did you get your frame for? :)

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by darbydog

concerning road feel the bike has good stiffness side to side but seems to have a vertical compliance if that makes sense. It is quick to accelerate due to the shorter wheelbase but is not harsh. It does not have that hollow thud that some carbon frames have. I don't know how much they run in overseas retail here is 2500 frame fork headset(gauge) THe edge is 2700 retail. the team got a killer deal on them for the Cat 1, 2 but it is a lease and we have to sell them at the end of the season. My non elites were able to purchase at a much lower cost then retail so in farness to the sponsor I don't want to say the price.

Unfortunately avalability in the states is limited right now the next shipment is due in April you can check with Frank at Vellum USA he may even refer you to me if you are on the east coast.

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