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by nino

i just installed those brakes 2 weeks ago and they are really beautiful.187g is already a very light weight but i just replaced the standard pads with some others and lost 10g in the brakes now weigh just 177g and are more powerful than before!!

the standard Z-G pads are made by Kool-Stop but are supposed to work on carbon rims.since i use aluminium clincher wheels (Amclassic CR420) the pads just didn't deliver that sort of brakepower i was looking for. i just mounted some Kool-Stop MTB pads.they fit perfect but are longer than road pads.i just cut off the excess lenght - now they look perfect.

standard Z-G pad weight (4 pcs.): 26g
shortened MTB Pads (4 pcs.): 16g

here's the picture of the brakes with standard pads installed.note the extremely thick pads:

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by Superlite

What pads did you use? Got pics? I think the stopping power is great with provided pads, is it that much better with yours?

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by nino

i just had some black Kool-Stop MTB pads around.they are more powerful than the standard ZG pads.
Kool-Stops are well known to be powerful on aluminium Ritchey pads would also be a good choice.

anyway - any MTB pad will fit.all you need is cut off the excess lenght (ca. 10mm).

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by ZeroLite

I am getting wet!!!!
I want your input.

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