How Much Does your Bike Weigh?

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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How much does your race (primary) bike weight?

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by Bruiser

Just curious which members come here to design and dream about their bike and which have their superlight bike.

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by kingtom

my one is 6.9kg like on the pic below. but new, i've got some lightweight's. so it should be around 6.6kg... i would like to loose some gr. again but i don't no where...

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by morrisond

Still Waiting for it, but everythings ordered and I should have it up and running in 2-3 weeks. I weigh 220 so I couldn't go super light.

I have some Heavier 28/32 wheels with straight pull hubs, Sapims and Ambrosio Excellight wheels being built by Mark at Spada-Usa (about 1500 grams) for general/city use as well.


Storck Scenario 1.1 59 Frame with all stock screws and bolts 1272

Storck Stiletto Fork - Carbon - Cut 306

Zero Gravity Brakes 188
Campagnolo Record 10spd 04 Ultra Shifters 324
Storck Crank/FRM Rings and Silver Bolts Cranks/53/39 Chain Rings 450
Spada Scandium BB ISIS 118
Campagnolo Record 10spd 04 Front Deraileur 69
Spada Cassette 11-25 100
Spada Lockring 10
Campagnolo Record 10spd Short Cage 04 Rear Derailleir 184
Campy Hollow Pin 04 Ultra Record Chain 259
FSA K-Force Stem 165
FSA Carbon Wing Handlebar 280
Cinelli Solid Cork Bar Tape 40
Storck Headset 68
Nokon Housing & Cables Brake and Shifters - Silver 100
FSA K-Force LightSeatpost 31.6mm 280mm - Cut 185
Tune Speedneedle Marathon Seat 109
Tufo Elites <160g Tires 20mm 320
Glue Tubes & Sealant 60
Spada Carbonio Aero Wheels 1094
Aluminum/Titanium Bolts Screws For Bottle Cages/FD/RD Cage -30
Storck Carbon Headset Cap and Spacers -35
BTP Carbon Ergo Clamps -18
Pedals Aerolite - New 04 Version - Even Lighter 62
Bottle Cages Record 36
Velox Cloth Rim Tape Cloth 10
FRM Skewers Skewers 74

Kg 5.8
Lbs 12.76

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by bobalou

morrisond wrote: I weigh 220 so I couldn't go super light.
Kg 5.8
Lbs 12.76

Nice bike, hope you post some pics when complete. lol@ could't go super light! I'd say it qualifies. :shock:

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by morrisond

I could easily knock another 225 grams off by going to a Schmolke/Syntcae combo, and a Schmolke post, but I want to try some ergo bars, and I think I need a layback post which Schmolke doesn't make. You could also lose another 200 grams easy by going to the Storck 0.9.

Wait until Ye Olde Balde One's bike is finished(he's been a great help) his Storck should be around 11 lbs.!

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Marlboro Man
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by Marlboro Man

I am at 7.3kg at the mo but that is with Heavy fork, heavy stem, Ultegra Groupset (but with SRP) and I use Corsa CX tubs rather than the TUFO tubs I used to use.

Could go sub 7kg when I get hold of another stem/ fork combo.

The only way I get it low now is by tuning parts to shed weight and having cool bits like Alien Carbon post and the SLR carbon saddle. Lost loads of weight off my bars. I have 3t 199s. I worked out where my palm finished on the drops then just chopped the rest off.

Have you weighed that Scott yet Brian?

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by jim

morrisond, assuming your bike comes out to that weight, you are a brave man weighing 220lbs and riding it. if it holds up, i will be most impressed. nice build nevertheless.

my tcr is now down to 12lbs even (with ac magnesium clincher wheels), thanks to the addition of the kmc x10 chain yesterday. it goes down to 11.6lbs with my carbon ac tubular wheels. i may? be able to get it down to 11.3lbs?, but i think i'm close to getting maxed out. i have yet to revert to alloy cogs or carbon rings... they're a no no in my book. i'm weighing in at around 155lbs, at 6' tall. all of the above weights include a vetta rt88 wireless computer.

oh, the kmc x10 chain came in at 247 grams cut to the appropriate length, with connecting pin. a huge 31 gram saving over my connex wipperman stainless! much less $ too.

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by Oswald

My carbon tcr is at 7.4kg... Could be a lot lighter (even has 24mm Clement roubaix tubulars!), but you don't need lightweight on Belgian roads... What you do need overhere is comfort and a bike that won't fold over cobblestones!!
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by jim

i agree with that. my tcr would probably fold on the cobbles... well the wheels may? in your case, lighter is not better :)

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Ye Olde Balde One
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by Ye Olde Balde One

Garzelli's new bike is 7.1kgs. If he put Hyperions on instead of the Nucleons shown wouldn't he be under the UCI limit? ... rzelli001p
Ride lightly!

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by morrisond

Hi Jim,

I've checked every component with the various manufacturers and they all say no problem at my weight. It took a lot of e-mail, but I'm not scared at all, Storck rates the Fork and Frame as good for 250lbs.. The wheels are also good to go at my weight. The only thing I'm a little iffy on is the saddle, but Tune says no problem. FSA says no problem on the Handlebar, Post and the K-Force Carbon stem I'm going to use has an internal alloy spine for extra durability, but not very light at 165+grams.
The BB's good for 240+lbs. and the cranks are some of the strongest out there.

I'm easy on stuff and the bike will only be ridden with those wheels outside the city on smooth pavement.

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by jim

hi morrisond,

i hope it works out. make sure to keep an eye on those storck cranks. i weigh in at 155lbs, and had a set crack on me last year, at the pedal / crank interface. storck of course warrantied the crankset.

let me know know you go with the btp carbon ergo clamps. i have a set, but have been a little hesitant to install them. the thread is made of alloy, and i was not comfortable having a good portion of my body weight suspended by a flimsy? alloy thread.

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