Dcitionary of Mountain Bike Slang

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by Bruiser

I thought alot of these terms are universal.

The web copy has links between the entries.


- B -
bacon n. scabs on a rider's knees, elbows, or other body parts.

bagger n. one who always agrees to ride, party, gather, etc. but rarely shows. bag v. to fail to show. "Tom swore he'd be there but he bagged."

bail v. to jump off in order to avoid an imminent crash.

balance blackout n. that short time during almost every ride when you start to fall, lose your balance without reason, or seem to be unable to clean even the simplest obstacle.

banana scraper n. low hanging branches, the kind that smear the guts of that banana you put in the pouch on the back of your camelback when you don't duck low enough.

beartrap 1) v. to slip off a pedal, causing it to slam one in the shin, when one gets kracked with a pedal. 2) n. the toothlike scars resulting from being beartrapped.

betty n. any female rider.

biff n. a crash. Synonyms: wipeout. v. "I biffed and then wiped away the blood."

biopace adj. a now-discredited Shimano techno-fad where the chainrings were made intentionally not circular -- instead, they were elliptical, in order to (allegedly) smooth the power delivery, by giving the rider an effectively lower gear for part of the spin cycle. Now used to describe any uneven pedaling motion. Also used as a synonym for pogo-ing.

boing-boing n. a bike with full (front and rear) suspension. Might possibly be considered offensive by certain owners of said bikes.

boink v. same as bonk.

bolt-on n. a woman with breast implants. Derived from the term for after-market bicycle parts that are literally bolted on.

bomb v. to ride with wild disregard to personal safety.

bombers n. the earliest mountain bikes, converted from cruiser roadbikes to race down mountains.

bonk v. to run out of energy or grow exhausted on a ride. "I bonked so early it was embarrassing."

boot v. to expel pre-ride stomach fillers due to extreme physical exertion. "That climb was hairy, I think Brian had to boot back there."

bra n. the rubber strip placed inside the rim to protect the tube from the nipples.

brain n. a biking computer, usually featuring an odometer, speedometer, clock, and other "important" display modes.

brain bucket n. helmet.

brain sieve n. a helmet featuring more vents than protective surface.

brand whore n. a rider that will only buy high-end parts/gear with name recognition. Wouldn't be caught dead using LX level parts or wearing a pair of Nashbar shorts.

bring home a Christmas tree v. to ride (or crash) through dense bushes, so leaves and branches are hanging from your bike and helmet. See prune.

BSG n. acronym for "Bike Store Guy".

bunny n. 1) same as betty, but used to emphasize the female rider's body; could be considered insulting to some. 2) female novice rider.

bunny hop v. to lift both wheels off the ground by crouching down and then exploding upward, pulling the bike with you. Useful for clearing obstructions, such as curbs, potholes, logs. Differs from its older BMX & trials meaning -- see jump.

burrito n. a rim braking surface that's bent inward towards the tube, forming a section that looks rolled like a burrito.

buzz n. euphoric feeling. Commonly used after a particularly hard passage is successfully completed. "I got such a buzz after that uphill grunt."

How many of these terms get used in your area?

It's pretty long though I could post it if the moderators allowed me.


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by Frankie - B

Bruiser wrote:It's pretty long though I could post it if the moderators allowed me.

The link is perfect. And directs you to the dictionary.

But what does this has to do with light bikes?
Keep it on topic dudes!
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