Lightweights or Reynolds?

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by Terminator

rico wrote:and I think the Reynolds are more aero.

rico wrote: Again I suspect the Reynolds may be superior.

Great! Go and get a good job at a wheel manufacturer! They will save lots of bucks because they will never again have to do some serious development.

They just ask you what you "think" or "suspect" 8)

Have you told Ullrich, Cipo, Zabel etc. your thoughts? You should!!!
I bet they all buy Reynolds right away! :P

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by rico

I base my decisions on these things on looking at the wheels and (hopefully) on riding them - not on which pro rides what. If you don't like my conclusions or feelings about a product then fine - but don't harangue me about it matey.

OK? :roll:


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by Bruiser

Try reading the Lightweight web page
These people have put alot of thought into their wheels.

Spoked-wheels as well as disk wheels are 100% hand made in Germany. These high-tech wheels are built using the original processes and techniques developed by the wheels inventors Dierl and Obermayer. They consist of an all-carbon rim with a lightweight foam core. The hub body is made from carbon fiber and the spokes are made from carbon- and kevlar-threads.
During all stages of development, the goal was to develop wheels for the needs of professional racing. Pro racers unanimously prefer their wheels to be stiff, but at the same time aerodynamic and light. As a wobbly wheel will not transfer a racers power to the ground adequately, stiffness was always the top priority. Accordingly, Lightweight Wheels are by far the stiffest wheels in their weight category.

Our unique spokes are woven from carbon and kevlar threads. Each spoke can hold up to 1200 kg without a significant increase in length. Due to this enormous strength we can build the wheels with much higher preload than ordinary wire spokes which lengthen greatly under load. Thus, our wheels offer unsurpassed lateral stiffness. Even our 12-spoke wheel at only 460 g is stiffer than a conventional 32-spoke wheel.


Option: 0.8 g wheel magnet laminated into the rim and Memory chips laminated into the rim, to the claim that (apart from crashes) no user has ever broken a spoke, these wheels look good.

Read over their page, they have some interesting points about wheel aero.


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