College racing in the US. Will it ever develop a Pro rider?

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by Petacchi

Granted I find this a bit off topic but I know most guys in here at some point have raced and I didnt know where else to post it.
I am a college rider and a top ten finisher in B races so no nationals for me but my main thing for this thread is to see what everyone thinks of what the US has to offer in the way of 20 something year old racers making it to the big show.
Johnathan Vaughters whom I am sure all of you know has reserved a spot on his U23 development team for the top finisher in the Mens A Road Race at Madison this year. This means that the rider will get to ride real races in the US and go to Europe at the end of the summer to race with the big boys. Does anyone think this rider will have any impact at all or just fall off the face of the earth? Next year that is my goal to contend for this but I am just trying to get a general opinion if its even worth it? Most europen pros have been racing since they younger then 10 years old and I just cant imagine some American coming from College having an impact in a sport that is dominated by people who have been matured to do this. I just cant see this happening but the one person who did do it and we all know of is Tyler Hamilton but he is only ONE so we shall see.
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by mrowkoob

Doesnt matter what your background is as long as you have talent.

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just like you said.... (off topic)
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