Wheels Pt. 2 and Seatpost shim

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by PCS74

Another long post, sorry. If any of my views seem wrong please educate me.

I have narrowed down my wheel choices and just have a few questions concerning Joe Young's recommendations. I know Joe's the pro, but before settling on custom wheels I want to know exactly what to expect and I want to make sure I get exactly what I want.

Just a quick reminder:

215lb (as of yesterday)
205lb around the time my bike is finished
160 - 200 miles wk.
Primarily a spinner, but still a masher at times
60% training, 25% fun, 15% race
Roads mostly good asphalt/concrete, typical cracks/crevices, a couple rough weathered areas

I don't want a training wheelset as I plan on getting those a little later. I want some fast, stiff, and strong tubular wheels that are reasonably light. The ssc-sl's are my current favorite wheelset, so I want something at least equal to them in performance and I would prefer noticeably better.

Based on this Joe recommends the Hugi 240s hubs, 32 spoke Mavic Reflex, 3x DT Supercompetition front and rear.

The reflex rims are nice and light, but they have a very small cross-sectional area, which worries me a little bit. Stiffness is a big priority. They are 14mm deep X 21mm wide total, and ~ 9mm deep X 21mm wide actual.

I'm not really concerned with the aerodynamic efficiency of the wheels but I was leaning towards deep section rims for the increased stiffness they "should" offer and I like the looks.

I've done some reading on the Corima Aero rims which appear to be well made, stiff and light. Corima feels the Winium or Aero will work fine for my application. Because the Aero's have a much greater cross-sectional area and have just slightly more mass than the reflex leads me to believe they "should" perform better, but I just want to get more feedback before I finally decide on what to get. I have not been able to find anyone who is riding Corima rims or wheels, reviews on them, or anything other than their website, a few discussions here and what Corima told me.

Does anyone know how the Corima Aero rims really stack up? Are they kinda stiff, pretty stiff or very, very stiff, ? Are they durable? Whats their reputation (the wheels and the companies)?

I have been searching high and low for other reasonably light deep section rims and so far I have found zilch except for Corima. If you know of any please let me know. Material is not that important to me, but I would like to keep weight as low as possible. My cutoff is in the high 400g area.

Listed below are the only other shallow and mid section rims I could find that I would consider comparable to the reflex(again, feel free to correct my views and educate me if need be):

FIR ST120 20mm Aluminum 420g *Slightly more area than the reflex. Comments?
Ambrosio Excellence 17.8mm Aluminum 450g *Comments?
Ambrosio Thesis 33mm Aluminum 450g *This seems good. No eyelets, why? Comments?
Nimble Fly 28mm Carbon 340g *Too fragile.
Velocity Escape 19mm Aluminum 390g *Slightly more area than the reflex. Comments?
SunRingle 19II 18.4mm Aluminum 370g *Seems kind of inexpensive. Comments?

Ritchey - No tubulars I could find
Alex - No tubulars I could find


Where can I find a shim to fit a 27.2 post into a 29.4 frame?

Thanks once again,

Chris S

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by morrisond

Hi Chris,

USE makes the shim your looking for. Go to use1.com in their on-line shop and you can see it. I don't know what country you are from as it will only let you buy on-line if your not from a country in which they have a distributor. But if you are just get hold of the USE distributor in your country.

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