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by B0tt0mline

What do you think we can expect and when?
What do you wish for?
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by Weenie

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by wheelsONfire

What do you wish for?
Personally i don't wish for anything. Possibly something really huge!

Ax Lightness Vial EVO Race (2018.12.21)
Paduano Racing Fidia (kind of shelved)
Open *UP* (2016.04.14)

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by TobinHatesYou


Continued backward/forward compatibility. (likely)
Refinement of the Rival/Force shifter design…the brake hose routing is limited / in the wrong place. (unlikely)
Improved brake calipers, perhaps a shift to mineral oil. (unlikely)
Transmission style power meter spider with thread-on, pin-locked chainrings. (50/50)
Extra buttons on shifters. (likely)
Lighter weight. (unlikely to be significant)
Truly improved front shifting. (Lol.)

I stuck with eTap 11-speed until late last year. I doubt I will upgrade any of my bikes. Groupsets have gotten boring and that’s ok by me.

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by jlok

Higher capacity to accomodate 16T FD difference so we will have a very wide range of gear (e.g. 46-30 x 10-33).
FD shifting as good as Shimano.
Lighter than Shimano.
More efficient electronics for longer battery life out of the same battery.
Smaller RD size.
Better fitting hood cover.
More customization of Sync Shifting like Shimano.
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by apr46

All i want are 48/33 chainrings. Though I would also take another compensation shift in the app, but no reason why that wouldnt work with existing groups.

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by milanv

Better design.

de lars cuevas
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by de lars cuevas

Well... Sram just introduced their new generation of axs mountainbike drivetrains. It's got the stiff udh interface, and it shifts brilliant under full load. Reason: Ebikes...

However, to get there, shifting is slower, weights have come up, battery life is a bit lower, The mechs are bulky and the new, specific chains are ridiculously expensive...

Let's hope they take the good part to Red, without the bad part. 🙂

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by pmprego

I guess we can assume some sponsored people at unbound tested some stuff. The same goes for vingegaard bike where he can be seen using the smaller "force" shaped hoods - which I assume is a lighter version compared to the real force version or has the same weight with buttons in it (my eyes see/want to see a slight shape on the top part of the hoods suggesting that there are buttons beneath that).

They should really make an effort to improve the calipers but I doubt they will focus on that just now. Hoods shapes and buttons and it is all. They have to be able to cut some weight just to differentiate it from force but it'll be insignificant.

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by X5SAE

I would also prefer a thinner rubber on the hoods like with Shimano. Especially with Rival AXS it's hard to get them flush with the bar tape and having an uncomfortable rubber edge.
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by g32ecs

What are some things they need to improve on the current ones?

I have a 2x Force atm (being used as 1x) and have 0 problems

Want to know in case I build a bike and place a Red gruppo on it

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by tarmackev

Super light and mechanical with a hydro and rim option.

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by nickf

New gen will probably be locked down even more with proprietary chains, cassettes, and rings with zero compatibility.

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by RDY

nickf wrote:
Wed Jun 07, 2023 3:06 pm
New gen will probably be locked down even more with proprietary chains, cassettes, and rings with zero compatibility.
Doubt it. People mix and match rival, force and red. Rival and Force are relatively new (or refreshed Force is). I think it will continue to be compatible with them, and with Shimano compatible cassettes / rings / chains (if that whole system is swapped out).

But I'm sure they'll be looking at some kind of special sauce - most likely marketing features - to get people to pay significantly more.

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by Hexsense

Sram new mtb AXS transmission is still 12 speed. But it push cassette 2.5mm more toward the dropout AND use narrower chain.
The new T-type mtb chain has near identical width to Campagnolo 13 speed Ekar chain.
It's almost like Sram planned to go 13 speed later down the line by only releasing firmware update and new cassette with 13th cog where the largest cog was on the previous generation. The chain is already ready for it.
The "get things ready" before actually execute it isn't new. The new transmission is only available after they push UDH derailleur hanger to every frame manufacturer years in preparation. I like that Sram, on mtb side, plan and prep things so far in advance for future product.

I see discrapency between "execute to master plan" Sram mtb and "Lets product things once before it's ready, then refine it and break compatibility on the next release" Sram road division.

On the wish list. I hope:
0) use T-type chain to cross compatible with Sram MTB, and future 13 speed group?
1) 15 or 16t gap front rings. 48/32, 46/30 rings for example.
2) option for internal battery, like a fake battery tab to mount on front derailleur to draw power from battery inside the frame.
3) smaller derailleurs.
4) more buttons on each shifter. A button on top of the hood would be a good start.

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by TobinHatesYou

The T-Type chain is 5mm wide just like the road flattop chain. The Ekar chain is 4.9mm.

by Weenie

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