SIS drink mix scam

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by KalleWirsch

robbosmans wrote:
Thu Oct 06, 2022 6:08 pm

Instructions say that 2 scoops would result in 40g

And when I weighed it (zero’d the scoop), it became clear that something is wrong. If you where to follow their instructions, you would end up with 60g of drink mix instead of 40g.
May be it´s a simple answer: You´ve filled the scoop 100%. I never do this. I dig losely into the powder. So, I assume my scoop is 80% filled. If you do so, it fits almost to 40g in total.

So, the difference could be (!) between your scientific method and my real life method how to mix powder ;)

by Weenie

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by bikeboy1tr

I have been using the SIS Electrolyte for a long time now as its one of the few that doesnt give me heartburn and I normally use my own scoop which is just a bit bigger than whats supplied (hate the flimsy scoop handle they supply) and when its hot I add the SIS electrolyte tabs as well. I dont find the drink to expensive and I have no plans on making my own.
I also use the Beta as its nice to have a pure carb mix when its hot as I dont like trying to get a bar down when going hard and gels are just too messy and sticky. I typically mix the Beta a little richer than what they call for and just keep it in a small bottle that fits nicely into my pocket for the 3-4hr mark in a long ride. Its tasty and also doesnt bother my stomach so I think I will stick with what works for me concerning SIS.
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by JaeOne3345

Table Sugar + bulk Sodium Citrate works for me.

All of these packaged options, gels, etc are such a huge rip off.

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by BigBoyND

I've been doing table sugar and table salt for cost reasons. 0.79€/kg can't be beat. So far I used it on a marathon PR and 5hr power PR without GI issues so I plan to stick to this. Might try sodium citrate but haven't found a source that I'd trust in Germany (only sketchy online stuff).

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by MrRolandos

So I was wondering this, so I did some investigation.

My scoop weighs 7 gram, 1 full scoop is 22 gram. So per scoop is 17 gram of Isostar that I use.
I add 4 scoops per 710ml bidon
100 mg of isostar = 72,3 gram carbs, 4 scoops would add up to 68 grams.
72,3 : 100 x 68 = 49,16 gram of carbs per bottle of 710ml.

Could be worse but could be better. Anyone got any good tips to get alot of carbs out of your bottles?

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by mrlobber

MrRolandos wrote:
Wed Nov 30, 2022 9:11 pm
Could be worse but could be better. Anyone got any good tips to get alot of carbs out of your bottles?
It's literally in the post above yours. Just use table sugar (or at least test it for your GI tolerance, and go from there).
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by flying

I have used various SIS products but most eventually fell short in comparison to other brands

The only exception I thought was great was the dbl espresso gel with the 150mg caffeine

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