Is there such a thing as an integrated handlebars and stem with a positive stem rise?

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by ultimobici

jlok wrote:
ms6073 wrote:
Tue Oct 04, 2022 11:12 pm
LekkerBraai wrote: Just plugged your body measurements into Trek’s size tool. According to them you should be on a 60, not a 58. Although the top tube is longer, the reach is only 3mm extra but the 20mm extra stack would put the bars where you need them to be relative to the saddle.
Still trying to understand how someone who is 182 cm tall, with a 184 'wingspan', and 84 cm inseam needs an 8 cm stem?
Maybe due to past injuries causing inflexible back, maybe short arms, maybe short torso and long neck.
Then perhaps the fitter should have done the right thing - told his client that the bike he had just bought was incompatible with his build.

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by CampagYOLO

Sell the Emonda and get a Domane or something similar else from the endurance/all road catagory like a Giant Defy. Anything with much higher stack and shorter reach.

That way you can get the integrated look you want, not ride with such a short stem which is going to affect handling and a better fitting bike will be faster than an ill fitting one.

by Weenie

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