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by warthog101

loudtiger wrote:
Sat Oct 29, 2022 1:46 am
Thanks CyclingGiraffe. I got both tires mounted today - front one was a little harder and needed some soap for the beads to slide over to the edge. Managed to use up all of my Orange Seal after having it spray everywhere the first time. Surprised I was able to do it with my regular pump. First ride tomorrow!

warthog101: Found these on sale today. I've wanted to try them but the price was always on the high side. Thought I'd share the deal: ... ire-2-pack
Thanks Loudtiger. You are a gentleman. 8)

by Weenie

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by loudtiger

TobinHatesYou wrote:
Sat Oct 29, 2022 4:55 am
Seat the tire, then add sealant. Also always orient the valve at 8-9 o'clock or 3-4 o'clock when inflating, especially with a compressor or tubeless booster. High flow rate pointed directly at a pool of sealant can be potentially messy.
Yup, just another little trick to learn and remember.

Went on a quick 25 miler to make sure everything was mounted up correctly and to distribute the sealant around. I forgot how great Campy/Fulcrum wheels feel - great acceleration and responsiveness compared to my Shimano RS81s. The 26mm NEXT tires appear to be slightly smaller than the 25mm Rubino Pros I had - I suspect if they were a true 26 or larger they might be a tight fit on my frame. Ride quality is excellent at 90psi and I don't think is any worse than the 320tpi Open Paves I was using. In true tubeless fashion I'll overuse the word "supple", but it really does feel that way.

Overall 10/10 experience. Thank you to everyone for your input and tips!

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by rudye9mr

Those hutchinson's F5 25mm were a nightmare to mount on fulcrum winds (same profile as speeds iirc).

I did not feel comfortable being able to fiddle with them roadside and gave the pair away.

The 28mm were great tubeless.

I could not set up vittoria corsa control 2.0 tubeless but even with a tube..very comfortable tyre.

I'm using a tuffy inner liner and tube now.

Waiting for sealant and tyre tech and plugs to improve a bit more before going tubeless again.

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by lukaszzsch

TobinHatesYou wrote:
lukaszzsch wrote:
Thu Oct 27, 2022 9:38 pm
Hi guys,

What width of tape would you recommend for 21 mm internal width rims?

1” or 25-26mm tape.
Thank you,

We use such width tape in my electroplating shop and i wanted to take home one but width seemed to be inappropriate. Thank you for clarifying this!

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