USE Atom Stem and Electron Bar

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by morrisond

Has anybody tried these? How have they worked. Is the ringo-star thing on the Atom hype, or does it work?

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by KB

I was to order the Atom stem but was warned off by my LBC. In fact they recently fitted one and said they could see someone having an accident with them. No matter how hard they tried they couldn't tighten the stem properly and said they would not advise anyone to have them. They pointed out that the Alien seatpins and other stuff was very good but not the stems or Ringo.

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by dirtrider

I've been using an Atom stem (self-installed) for about 700 miles now and have had zero problems. It's stiff, nicely machined, and very friendly to carbon steerers and bars. The ring-o-star adjuster works well. It's nice to have the bearing adjustment independent of the clamp. Since it eliminates the star-nut/expander insert it gives an overall weight reduction. My Atom stem saved 19g over the Ritchey WCS stem and expander insert I was previously using. :D

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