Best "no proprietary parts" bike ?

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by Karvalo

UpFromOne wrote:
Fri Oct 22, 2021 11:33 pm
2. The frame bits are very, very proprietary. Even by Spesh standards. (LOL, he just said "standards"!) The bottom bracket cable guides don't seem to fit any other model. While the rear derailleur mechanical cable guide fits ONE other Spesh model ('17 Epic), most if not all these bits are unique to the frame. Sure, lots of frames have proprietary frame bits. But the Aethos outdoes it.
That's not how the word works.

It doesn't matter whether the one Specialized cable guide that works on the bike can fit 50 other models or no other models, it's still the one part you can use therefore it's equally proprietary.

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by Robius

fizzaz wrote:
Thu Oct 21, 2021 2:07 pm
Felt FR is completely standard parts.
Second for the Cinelli's.
Several of the big names have lower-tier bikes that fit that. Emonda ALR for example
Kinesis Aithein is a good example of alloy with totally normal parts (save for a larger seatpost diameter)
+1 for Felt FR FRD. It's an amazing frame. It'll be really hard to find a frame that has better tolerances and carbon quality. Maybe Time and Look frames might be on par.
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by Weenie

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by ichobi

picking out bike bits just to say it’s all proprietary is just grabbing straws now. Find me bikes that don’t use special bits for their tiny hardwares. Almost all brands and models don’t use the same deraileur hangers. Even my old 2013 Ridley Fenix use weird ass hanger that takes me forever to source replacement.

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by BigBoyND

Especially cable guides. Can't lose it since cables hold it in place and I've never seen one damaged either.
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by Coolcat

BigBoyND wrote:
Sat Oct 23, 2021 2:07 pm
Especially cable guides. Can't lose it since cables hold it in place and I've never seen one damaged either.
Plastic cable guides (cable stops) can - and will - break before the frame itself breaks. I have had it happen a couple of times. So I keep some spares for my frames. Must be bought beforehand when still available!

There is quite a lot of stress on rear brake cable stops. I think metal housing, for example Alligator, puts even more stress on the guides since the housing doesn't compress, so much more of the load has to be carried by the cable stops. Also, the front cable stops move when turning the handlebars, which wears them out slowly. The fit gradually becomes loose. I wish manufacturers made metal cable stops instead.

This is probably less of an issue (maybe no issue at all) for bikes with electronic shifters and hydro brakes.

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by wheelsONfire

spartacus wrote:
Fri Oct 22, 2021 10:23 pm
wheelsONfire wrote:
Fri Oct 22, 2021 10:17 pm
Aethos as the best!? Wow, i must be the only one to think NO!
Lightest frame you can get
Lifetime warranty
No proprietary parts
Threaded bottom bracket
Supposedly rides amazing

By all means what's better?

I guess if you insist on having rim brakes it's a deal breaker.
I would still (personally ofcourse) pick a custom made like Argonaut.

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by ipenguinking

I'm ordering a custom ti frame after my DA 9200 components arrived, hopefully by next Spring. This bike will have BSA BB, CK Inset HS, 1 1/8 stem, 31.6 round handlebar, 27.2 seatpost etc.

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by MrCurrieinahurry

How about a standert? Not carbon but a different option perhaps?ImageImage

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by Supersix56

I think proprietary is the best! Looks so cool!

Saves you money in the longrun as you get more race wins and if you sell your bike each year and replace you dont have to worry about getting spares which can cost like 20euros just for a plastic cable guide on the BB etc.

Just swap your bikes out every 2 years and you will save money in the longrun on parts that wear out.
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by Maddie

Still selling fm066sl frames with your logo, Durain?

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by Supersix56

Maddie wrote:
Sun Oct 24, 2021 7:49 pm
Still selling fm066sl frames with your logo, Durain?
Are you ESL? I see he is still selling them for 3k USD in custom paint. Id buy one of my wife would allow me 2 bikes but like most people here Im not allowed. Happy wife happy life.
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by Bb13

What about Origine bikes ?

I have one, and it' s a nice bike.

Size 58 and 7,4 kg as shown on the picture


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by daninplymouth

I'm running a mason definition. Not very light but rides really well and holds speed fine. That was part of my reason for buying was seatpost, handlebars, bb are all standard sizes so easy to chop and change

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by pkaro

Time Alpe D'Huez 21 seems to fit the bill. One of the few bikes still readily available as a frameset at a very reasonable price-point.

by Weenie

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