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Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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Ye Olde Balde One
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by Ye Olde Balde One

Superlite wrote:
I'm not trying to criticise, it was just something I noticed, so I hope you don't that this the wrong way. I don't understand how it can be more comfortable for climbing though, and unless your just TTing up Mt Evans, you do have to ride back down?!?

I know your not criticising me, why do you think I do?

Anyways, it just works for me, I find it to be super comfortable. Downhill isn't really a problem, as most of the time I'm in an aero position out of the saddle, and when I am in the saddle I don't slip, I think it's due to the suade center strip on the saddle.

I didn't think you did, just didn't want you to think I was.

Fit is an individual question, but there are some norms, and your saddle is outside of them (to me) so I wanted to ask.
Ride lightly!

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by Bruiser

I also ride with my saddle pointing down.
Like SL I don't have a problem with my arms getting tired but I think it has to do with the saddle choice and butt configuration. I don't have any SL road saddles but my WTB Rocket is very comfortable.


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by Rogue_M3

Hey Superlight those are excellent wheels. If I had to choose only one wheelset as my "do everything" wheel it would have to be my Ksyriums. They are outstanding wheels.

One bit of advice- Put a small piece of electric tape over the stem hole on the inside of the rim and then push your valve stem through and mount the tire. This will prevent any small burs left around the hole from puncturing your tube. I got two flats right at the base of the valve stem before I figured out what the problem was. After I put the tape on the rim I have gone almost 1 year without a flat and these are used for daily training. Other than that the only problem I've experienced with my Ksyriums is that water will collect inside the rim if you ride in the rain for a long period of time or if you ride through standing water. As a matter of fact mine are draining now after a 6 hour ride in the rain yesterday. :lol:

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by bobalou

Bruiser wrote: butt configuration.

LOL.. I think most come standard with two humps and a crack?

Ah, I"m just bustin your chops, I know what you mean. Anyrate, I think like most comments, it's always personal choice. Good to experiment around, but I've heard that if your bike fits you right, you should have about equal amounts of weight distributed to your pedals, saddle and bars.

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I think that they look nice on your rig. Sure they are not the lightest things going, but they should be pretty bombproof. My buddy is on his 3rd season on his Ksyriums and they have been perfect. He is a bigger rider (about 185) and one animal on the flats. He is typically very tough on components and for them to hold up, says quite a bit.

So if you are a bigger guy, and don't mind the extra weight, I say they are keepers.

As for me, I spend the early season riding my tried and true Campy Record hub/Mavic Open Pros and force myself to earn my Zipp 303 tubbies for the peak of the season. I think that with this set up, I have a good mix.


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by Superlite

So if you are a bigger guy, and don't mind the extra weight, I say they are keepers.

Ummm, does 135lbs count? :lol:

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Oops! at least you know that they should hold up for you :wink:

RIDE (feeling portly at 6'2" and 165 lbs)

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