S-Works Aethos Build, Di2 Dura Ace, Red/Gold

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by Midstar

Never...ever sell this bike this way to another ..you can become a murderer.

by Weenie

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by pmprego

Not for any chance I'm thinking of doing someting like that (i more and more prefer.my cables on the outside - like aethos) but.. Here goes a question from someone that is not that fluent in bike mechanic.

As i understood from the photos the cables go inside the handlebar, then stem and then go on that slot that the expander has. The expander is actually supposed to work with that slot so I'd imagine so far so good. Assuming this the cables are now inside the fork so all good in terms of front brake hose.

The problem is then the rear brake hose which will only exit the fork if a hole is drilled in it (this is where the crazyness begins). Was my reasoning correct or dis I miss something in the process?

Sorry in advance if this is a somewhat stupid question. Again... I just di basic maintance of my bikes and preferably the alum rim brake one that stays 99.99% of the time in the trainer.

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by justonwo

Why did you post this in my thread and derail? Make your own thread.
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by ViperFFM

carbonLORD wrote:
Fri Mar 12, 2021 12:23 am
I'm a CAT 3 Masters racer, not a dentist.

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by UpFromOne

Taiyoto, that's known as a Fully Unexternal Cable Kink, UPward.

OP, what an amazing build, jizworthy!

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by Dov

I admire what you've done. You're gonna die doing something you love.
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