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by MichaelB

At the end of the day, I think the thread is a great exapmle of a problem well presented, no bitching or slander, but details and facts, and examples of poor parctice from the supplier.

As an example of great customer service, on a local forum here in Oz, a guy bought a 2nd hand Cinelli carbon bike (2007), well looked after anbd given a clean bill of health from a LBS (as much as you can without detailed x-ray inspection) and prior owner really looked after it. Short time later ..

Result was broken collar bone and a few ribs and 8 weeks off work. The new owner got in contact with Cinelli, and despite the bike being 14 years old, they supplied him with a new equivalent frame.

This is a good example of how to resolve an issue, vs how anothersam was treated, and hence why my new frame to replace a cracked carbon one is a steel Cinelli Visorelli disc

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