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by gorkypl

I'd go for Open up, 3t exploro, Cervelo aspero. Build it with Force axs or Campy Ekar and it should be an ace allround bike.
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by LedZeppelin007

Thanks for all of the help. Am kinda thinking of getting a relatively cheap gravel bike and getting a mid spec road bike now

by Weenie

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by pacaalpaca

How about Allied Alfa?

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by Aesch

Cervelo Caledonia 5 as mentioned above or argon 18 krypton pro (will clear 36c).
I'm looking at the latter option as my n+1, only thing holding me back is the slightly boring paint scheme

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by kode54

My friends Caledonia 5 clears 32mm tires...the chainstays look a bit tight so going up a size to 35mm tires may not be possible. 3mm clearance on chain stay with Panaracer GK on Enve 3.4 AR wheels. If the OP is looking for a frame that'll fit 38, he's going to have to look elsewhere like the Aspero.
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de lars cuevas
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by de lars cuevas ... ombo=95842 Rode it for 4 months for a review. Underestimated bike: 35 mm clearance, relatively light, comfortable, well priced.

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by CustomMetal

Factor LS or Open Upper?..
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by raggedtrousers

I don't know if you've seen the latest issue of Gran Fondo, but they reviewed a Canyon Grail that had road tyres/wheels. That looked a surprisingly interesting option.

Beyond that, Open Up/Factor LS/3T Exploro/Cervelo Aspero with 2 wheel sets wil be your best bet.

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by nickf

My Checkpoint could really be my one bike solution, truly. Room for 40+ tires, pretty normal geometry, 16lbs built, 2x drivetrain. Everything from all day gravel rides to fast group rides running 25s. To many of the other brands have oddball geometry.

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by gSporco

saldegracia wrote:
Thu Apr 15, 2021 3:59 pm
I'd just get a race-oriented gravel bike and have two wheelsets, one for road, one for gravel. Something like the Cervelo Aspero or the 3T Exploro.
Ill throw a second hat in the rimg for an Cervelo Aspero do it all bike.
I bought a 3T strada to do a weight weenie build and by the time i got 75% of the parts sought out I am now selling the frameset..

My Aspero is fast as hell in road mode and weighs 7KG with Sram Red AXS 2x with PM, pedals, cages, computer, 28mm tires and aero profile handlebars. I can easily go to 6.5kg by swapping somethings..

In gravel mode with 43mm tires it weighs 7.3kg

I am very very happy with it

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by Clean39T

My Canyon Endurace SLX is effectively a race bike that fits 35s - I’ve been quite happy with its performance over the 750mi I’ve had it..

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by darrydonds

Aesch wrote:
Fri Apr 16, 2021 8:34 pm
Cervelo Caledonia 5 as mentioned above or argon 18 krypton pro (will clear 36c).
I'm looking at the latter option as my n+1, only thing holding me back is the slightly boring paint scheme
The Argon 18 Krypton Pro (and GF) is nice. I like their simpler way of achieving integration.

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by Cycomanic

Based on your description I'd have a look at the Ridley Kanzo Fast:

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by NiFTY

I suspect you won't get much for either bike you sell. Why not keep the topstone, sell the s3 and get whichever road bike you like the look of. Realistically if you are getting one bike you will need 2 wheelsets as you are hardly going to change tyres every time you change surfaces.
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by TheRich

LedZeppelin007 wrote:
Thu Apr 15, 2021 3:16 pm
Thanks, I've given that some thought. It just pains me how heavy a lot of those are and I'm not even a big weight weenie. The Domane SL7 weighs (gulp) 8.8kg.
A Boone frame weighs a pound less than a Domane and will fit 38 (and no more!) mm tires. Very stiff under power and very comfy.

by Weenie

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