Best water bottle?

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by Mcdeez

Hi, i need to replace my water bottles, i would like a bottle that doesnt leaks on my frame...And keeps cool water

In black color option

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by johanalexander

Always been happy with purist bottles.

by Weenie

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by rides4beer

I like Camelbak Podium bottles, don't leak, and the valve is easy to use. They have a Chill model that's insulated.

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by TribesMan

Camelbak Podium Chill for me also.

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by req110


a) - best : Camelbak podium (older generation had better design, now i have newer one, great too)

b) - lightweight - Elite Fly >> BUT it's scratched all over the place extremely soon
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by snaxez

Old gen CamelBak Podium Chill with new gen top. (if you can find any)
New gen has more strange shape, that might move around more with some cages.

Steve Curtis
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by Steve Curtis

The insulated bottles are useless and really don't make any difference to the temp of the liquid after 30 minutes.
I've seen a YouTube vid of GP lama who tested bottle colour and swapping to white makes a bigger difference.

I've used a bunch of bottles and now settle for elite crono or elite fly weight in clear to dice the scratches.

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by Cemicar

In winter/autumn Elite Fly is by far the best. It's handy, light and above all so affordable you would hardly mind putting it into a bin if summer is coming.

In summer nothing but Camel Back Podium would work. Even Podium Chill isn't enough IMO. The current generation of the bottles has smaller diameters so less capacity yet more compatibility, but it's still a bit longer than other bottles so smaller riders may need a side entry bottle cage.

Both of them don't leak of course, but Elite's valve cap may not be durable.

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by StanK

Camelbak podium (previous generation) here too, but, they leak. Just a little, little bit, but still (I don't know for last generation). If it weren't for that, perfect bottle for me.
But I use them exclusively and don’t think about anything else.

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by JMeinholdt

Another for Camelbak podium. I don't have issues with leaking, but they do sweat a bit in warm weather (as all bottles will).
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by milanv


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by Yoln

+1 for Elite fly

Lightest, easy to squish, and best mouthpiece. Perfect for races

My 3 issues with podium chill were:
- low capacity volume (due to thicker walls for insulation)
- difficult (impossible) to close the mouthpiece with one hand while riding (you have to turn the top part). Making it unfit for any sweet drink (unless you like your sticky frame sprayed in sugar)
- hard to squish
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by Zero7

I normally get 2 seasons out of the 24 oz Polar insulated bottles.
I'm obsessed with cold drinks so I freeze about 1/4 of my hydration drink in the bottle and then top it off the morning before I ride. When I ride with 2 bottles I freeze 1/2 to 2/3 of my second bottle depending on how hot it is.
No leaks and little to no sweating for the Polars.
2 seasons is decent considering I freeze the bottles with liquids in them before every use.
Cleaning the lid on the camelback is a pita and I'm not a fan of their twist design cap.

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by hannawald

I use Elite Fly, but they leak if full. So don't fill them to its max.

by Weenie

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by SamD

Camelbak Podium here, the only one that never leaks in my experience, short of user error when filling. Latest version is pretty ok to clean too.

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