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by Trkorb

Looks like we can expect Sram Rival AXS to be available pretty soon.

I don't have the full details, but I understand the electronic componenets to be around 10-20% cheaper than the equivalent Force part.

Other items such as chains, cassettes etc will be more like 30-40% cheaper. Max tooth count on the rear will be 36.

Anyone have any other details or maybe some pics?

by Weenie

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by WorkonSunday

some say this will be a gravel focused groupset i.e. 1x with a long cage rear mech. if thats the case, i will be very interested to see if they are going to make it MTB compatible as well since there is certainly a market for GX level AXS groupset.
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by Trkorb

I don't believe there will be anything with a long cage rear mech - I personally would very much like to see something like a 10-42.

However, there is a GX AXS being released alongside Rival AXS, which will all be cross compatible.

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by openwheelracing

So, what would be a rough estimate for a road 2x groupset?

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by DaveS

Sounds like a lower priced version of force. The wide RD that works best with the 10-36 does not have a longer cage. The pivot mount is just moved further back. Both have the same 70.5mm cage length.

The standard model RD will work with the 10-36 and has enough wrap for a 16T difference at the crank. IMO, this is where sram goofed, limiting their cranks to a 13T difference.

If sram would copy Campy's 9-42, without the 9, they'd have a good gravel cassette.

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by MasterBean

Is tomorrow the day?

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by sunfire2k5

should be today... I guess later today like the GX was launched.
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by bas

There is an ad for it on the Velonews home page, but the link goes to a page that doesn't exist...

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by snaxez

yup ... valetapaxs
I guess they got the link before, and sram will upload the page when launched.

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by ryanw

Dealers having a presentation at 10am UK time today, then should be launched immediately after.
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by Andrew69

Another first for SRAM over Shimano.....

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by MayhemSWE


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by Dr.Dos

All listed on Wiggle, e.g. rear derailleur.





Image ... derailleur

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by XCProMD

What SRAM has managed to do with GX / Rival AXS is quite a leap forward. It is not easy to reduce the cost of the mechatronics as to be able to sell the components at this price range.

I would e surprised if this didn't have strong consequences in market share, both OEM and aftermarket.

by Weenie

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by TobinHatesYou

OEM spindle based power at the Rival/105 level? That's called setting the bar.

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