Are Garmin Computers garbage?

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by DeLuz

I have an Edge 500 that keeps freezing on startup.
The problem is fixed by connection to a PC and deleting the NewFiles folder.
Then the problem comes back a few days or weeks later.
I tried the chat on Garmin support it was totally useless.
Posted on the Garmin forums and noticed other people who also posted with the same problem with no resolution.
I am thinking of replacing with a Bryton 320E which is much less expensive and serves my needs.

by Weenie

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by Broady

Isn't the edge 500 like 11 years old by now? Could just be worn out.

I have a 130 and 530, both work perfectly.

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by DeLuz

Yes it is pretty old, probably time to replace.
I am also considering the Garmin 130, but it is $200 vs $120 for the Bryton.

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by tadrums

Been using them for yonks but generally replace when new model comes out. Any issues (battery)have airways been resolved w/fast warranty replacement. The 500 series is quite long-in-the-tooth, no?

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by saldegracia

I not sure they are garbage...but many of my Garmin user friends occasionally lose ride data due to the computer freezing or crashing or whatever...I have a Wahoo and in the three years or so I have owned it is has not failed once...probably the most reliable electronic item I own ;)
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by ancker

I had numerous problems with more than one Edge 500, bought a 510, had problems with that, got two replacements after problems, Garmin finally upgraded me to a 520 (which I hear is better), but I was done. I sold it without even opening the box.

I've since moved to the Stages Dash (M50 and L50) and could not be happier. Doesn't have some of the features of the newest Garmins (like 3rd party apps), but is solid and all have worked every singe time I've used them.

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by peted76

Don't spend money on a 530 unless you can solve a rubix cube in less than three minutes. Clearly designed with the 830's touchscreen in mind and buttons as an afterthought.

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by AJS914

Coming from a touch screen 510, I was constantly befuddled when I got my 530 and wished I had bought the 830. After a few weeks I got used to it. I was told that the buttons are in the standard layout for a non-touchscreen Garmin or Garmin watch.

I struggled with two 510s. I finally upgraded to a 530 and it has been pretty awesome. I hear that the 130 is not a great unit but the 130 Plus is vastly improved.

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by MrCurrieinahurry

Wahoo roam here and super happy with it.

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by Vermu

Had issues with 500/510 mainly with touch sensitivity.
Swapped to 520 and its been problem free for 2-3 years.
Wouldn’t change.

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by bet1216

The 500 was a little buggy. Have a 530 now. No issues at all. Much more sorted out. While I could see the interface being confusing compared to some of the touch screen models, once you understand it, it is fine and the 530 doesn't have the bug issues of the 500. I also like the 530 much better than the 520.

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by wltz

Switched to Garmin 530 from Wahoo ELEMNT this year and enjoying it more, despite the occasional glitches. Haven't used any previous Garmins mostly because of their buggy reputation, but the 530 is a great little device if you want to ride on new roads and find the extra features useful, as opposed to just needing it to record your speed and track.

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by themidge

I'm still using an Edge 500 as well, and the main problem is the power button doesn't work sometimes (can still start the unit by breifly plugging it into a computer :D) and it's a bit scratched. Other than that it's been flawless, just the right amount of tech for me - no touchscreen, very simple route navigation, I just use my brain and the lap button for doing efforts.

I will probably get an Edge 130 when the 500 finally dies, it seems to have all the same good qualities and it's cheaper than an Elemnt Bolt.

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by dannywin42

Shirt answer: yes, yes they are.

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by Weenie

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by okx

I was using garmin edge 520 for 2-3years, it was ok, until you touch navigation - just to load a route takes several min. To upload route on headunit, change maps, you need computer. Changing settings on headunit - some of them on app, some on device. So all of these small things pushed me to switch garmin to wahoo element bolt and after one season with wahoo, i'm not planing going back to garmin. Everything that I didn't liked on garmin, works perfectly with wahoo and only one thing that I'm missing from garmin - ability to adjust screen backlight to 10-20% and set it to always on.

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