Aero Seatposts + Tune 66 hub

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Bill F
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by Bill F

I have two questions that hopefully someone can provide some guidance on.
1) Seat posts – Corima Ellipse vs. USE Aero seat post. Does anyone have recommendations on one vs. the other regarding their mechanical properties and their performance.

2) Tune 66 hubs. I just build a wheel up using a Zipp 280 rim and DT Aerolite spokes. The first time I was placing in the wheel in the dropouts and locking the quick release down an audible “ping” was present. I removed the wheel and all spokes were tight and sound, no play is present in the hub and the wheel seems to perform very well. I check the true – lateral and radial and both are just the same as they were when the wheel was finished and tension balanced. Spoke tension remains balanced also. Any suggestions on what may have caused the sound?


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Ye Olde Balde One
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by Ye Olde Balde One

#2. Probably seating the bearings/axle assembly.
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by Florian

-> 2) Have you squeezed the wheel after trueing?
Pinging spokes when mounting/riding for the first time are normally a sign that the wheel was not (or not enough) squeezed.
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Bill F
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by Bill F

Yes - I stressed (squeezed the spokes) relieved the wheel as I trued it and balanced tension in the wheel.

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Frankie - B
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by Frankie - B

Maybe it was the spoke nipple beading into the rim. or just the spoke finding it's "place" in the wheel.

When one of my mtb wheels is trued, i usually hear the spokes making ping noises the first 500 meter.
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