DIY Automatic Handheld Compressor

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by colagreek

I had been very interested in the concept of the portable handheld compressor for quite some time. Several individuals have converted the Craftsman 19.2volt unit, which retails for roughly $150USD. (Link below) However that unit is now discontinued, and at that cost, you can now purchase the Fumpa Pump which is quite an attractive unit.

All that being said, I sourced this compact unit off of Amazon US, which met the criteria I was looking for, and combined it with a Specialized Air Tool Pro head kit and a bit of garage engineering. In the end it left me with a DIY Automatic Shutoff Compressor that is accurate to 0.2 PSI at a cost of $55USD to build.

You can likewise screw in a small schrader threded pump-head into the standard hose, like the Silca Hiro or Arundel Hansel but this leaves you with a short leash on the unit. Both options will work and I found the results to be the same in accuracy when I used my Silca Hiro with the supplied hose.

Hope you enjoy. As always undertake any modifications at your own risk. Results may vary.

The craftsman mod: ... conversion

The pump unit itself: ... UTF8&psc=1
The pump head & hose kit: ... 33/p558704

The Build:

1. Bare pump unit and Air Tool Head/Hose

2. Sacrificial Pump Extension, The unit includes both a Schrader Extension and a Clamp-On Schrader style mount. I sacrificed the plastic Schrader mount hose to obtain the barb fitting. Carfully cut the plastic clamp with a shop knife and removed the hose.

3. Removal of Air tool fitting end and shorten hose to 24"

4. I notched the rubber hose cover to accept the zip tie heads once clamped and give a more streamlined appearance.

5. Fit the barb into the Air Tool Head hose and secure with two zip-ties. Slide the notched cover over said zip-ties.

6. Fit the newly prepared hose and head to the pump! Thats it!

7. Test inflation to 90.5PSI and Checked with Schwalbe Guage for pump accuracy.

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by C36

Great! Love the idea.
How much noise does it make? I had a setup from car emergency pack (battery starter, compressor...). That could inflate up to 10bars... but boy that was way too loud not to wake up the building.

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by Weenie

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by DC41

Great hack! I wish we could upvote posts. I am seriously considering following your example here. In hindsight is there anything you would do differently? After a week of use is it performing as expected?
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by ms6073

I purchased/converted the Craftsman inflater for CX racing back in 2013 before it was discontinued and as a result, rarely take a floor pump on the way to bike rides. I initally used the Specialized pump head kit but recently opted to swap it out for a Topeak Smarthead DX kit as the Specialized head was starting to wear out. Although the inflater continues to work like a champ, as time passes I worry how much life is left in the rechargeable battery, since sourcing a replacement would far exceed the cost of the OP's DIY project.
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