Wippermann Ti Chain

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by Superlite

OK girls....I am goping to be the better man here and end this

You would have been the better man if you didn't start it. You reap what you sow. Don't try to be a hero.

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by jim

in a private message from cycleman pat to jim:

"this is cyclemanpat....i just want to tell you, you better watch your mouth. I don't give 2 poo if you believe me or not about my parts. You have had this problem with me for years now.....get over it, this is sad. Disrespect me again and we will have problems......if you were to say this stuff to my face, you would be in trouble.....calling me a lier and making fun of my city........it's personal now, and I promise you won't win......this poo is over, NOW!!!"

jim says... hmm... cyclemanpat is threatening me? where did i insult his city? kentucky is a beautiful state. being an avid horseman, i found his barn boy comment to be amusing

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by 520 Dan

Soooooo, the irony here is that A while back cyclemanpat had a thread about the giro atmos helmet and I responded and asked why people were continuously replacing perfectly good parts with new lighter cool parts just cause they were lighter and cooler, which I felt was a little responsible (I prefer to replace parts with lighter cooler parts when the old parts are worn out) Anyway, I got attacked pretty bad for asking a question and stating an opinion, and the valid responses I got back were that this is a hobby, and its my money and this is what I want to do with it (the rest was just name calling, which was ridiculous) anyway, this is kinda what the actual thread here is about. Ye Olde Bald One (by the way probably the most knowledgeable and helpful member of this forum) wants a ti chain to save some weight. Some like superlight (and actually myself cause SL and I are both college kids) would pass out if we had to drop like 300 on a chain, but thats what Bald One wants to do. Bald One knows his stuff, and seems to be well off (or at least comfortable! LOL) and If he wants a ti chain, more freakin power to him.

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by nikh

Wow I go out for a couple of hours and look what happens!

This is quite clearly a hobby for both Ye Olde Balde One and cyclemanpat.

If he/they choose not to publish photos then so be it.

I'm locking this thread at US Central time 6:45pm.

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