SiSL2 Spindle (KP250) spline change?

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by TheDarkInstall


I have a set of 2013 Cannondale SiSL2 cranks, and bought a new spindle for them a while back.

Went to fit it, and it appears the spline profile of the new spindle has changed design; it is ever so slightly more bulbous than before, meaning that I can not get my crank arms to engage properly with the new spindle. I sent the splindle back, got a new one and it also has this issue.

I have contacted various importers about this, who all say they have not seen this issue.

The new spindle has looks pretty much identical to the old one, except for a different serial number etched on it.

Anyone else seen this?

by Weenie

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by alcatraz

That's odd. I've found the interface to be the same with fsa/sram/cannondale and I was able to mix those cranksets. The plan was to put my carbon stages arm on the sisl2 but that didn't work. I would need a stages spindle to do that.

(Fsa has a different angle than sram and cannondale so your left and right arm will not be 180degrees apart, but you can mount them together.)

How about a picture of the new and old spindle side by side?

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by grover

Just chiming in about the spindle orientation thing. Cannondale and SRAM are oriented differently. So possibly FSA and Cannondale are the same?

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