Cannondale Synapse Hi-Mod, 950g frame weight claimed for size 56, 1125g for 61 OK?

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by Nickel020

I recently got a Cannondale Synapse Hi-Mod Team Replica 2018 frameset, but I'm somewhat surprised by the weight. The claimed frame weight for size 56 is 950g, my 61 is 1125g with all accessoires removed (no seat clamp, BB etc.). Tour magazine measured 967g for their 56 (367g for the fork with a cut steerer exactly as claimed, mine is exactly 400g uncut, seems still OK).
I know that the 61 should be heavier than the 56 and there's always a tolerance, but for example Mavic accepts 5% weight discrepancy, but this is a 18,4% discrepancy, which to me even adjusted for the size seems too much. Seems to me like I paid for a Hi-Mod but got pretty much a standard weight (standard is 1100g claimed for 56)...

Does anyone have any experience about how much extra weight a 61 frame should have and how much weight tolerance is acceptable? I wrote Cannondale several days ago but have yet to hear back.

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Dan Gerous
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by Dan Gerous

Size can add more weight than many expect. A 61cm frame has a lot more material than a 56, not only because each tube is longer but also they are beefed up to have the proper level of stiffness a bigger bike needs. Not all bike companies do that, but then, those that don't feel good if you use a 54/56 but bigger ones suffer from flex and smaller ones become harsh. The Synapse has tube shapes, diameter, thickness and even headsets tailored to each sizes so it will provide a similar experience across all sizes, from 45kg small riders to heavier tall riders.

Color also has a big impact on weight. White and bright colors especially add a lot of weight because it needs to be thicker than dark colors to cover the black carbon and not look faded and bland.

I think for the size, the weight you have is not too unexpected.

by Weenie

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