lugged steel frame reccomendation

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by themidge

Modern lugged steel is for MAMILs with too much money, get yourself something rad from 1990-2000 (130mmOLD but still steel and lugged), ideally with a super colourful airbrushed paint job :noidea:

by Weenie

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by Nefarious86

Devlin cycles in Australia are worth a look :)

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by muti

I know that Bixxis released lugged frame.Also Zullo and Barco make lugged .But their real expertise is Tig...

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by Clean39T

If you're a 56cm, the lugged steel Kirk offered on Paceline, V-Salon, and eBay can't be beat.

An Ellis would be my next choice. He does excellent work and has a somewhat budget conscious build option using NOS Columbus SLX.

If you have the cash, there is no better modern lugged frame than a Kirk Onesto (SS).

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