Wahoo iPhone notifications issues?

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by sethjs

Anyone else having issues in the last few months? Used to be a rock solid connection for me. Now they stay paired. Rides get auto uploaded. But notifications of texts and calls are flakey.

I can unpaired and then repair and hey it to work for a ride or two. But then the Wahoo app reports it's lost the ability to display notifications.

Thinking it was an iOS or wahoo update that introduced the bug. But want to make sure others are experiencing.

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by Weenie

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by rayooo

Same here, it worked very well for ages, then, somewhere after one of the iPhone OS updates (I think) it stopped working.
Pairing no problem. I do get some notifications, no text notifications whatsoever. I've gone through the recomended suggestions, no help.

'been planning to have a closer look real soon now.

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by vinny

it mostly works for me, occasionally i will miss a call or text notification. so it's definitely not 100% reliable.

i also can't change the chainring size when i try ti configure my gears (sram axs)

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by IrrelevantD

I just had to RMA my ELEMNT after just short of a year due to battery issues. I used that opurtunity to switch back to Garmin due to several issues with the app shutting down on my phone and losing tracking [so my wife knows I"m OK] and notifications [so I can see when my wife TXTs me to ask why tracking isn't working].

Been an ongoing issue for me for about the entire time I was using it. No notifications on the unit when the phone disconnects or when the app crashes.

That being said, I have a brand new in box RMA replacement ELEMNT sitting on my desk I'll let go for $220 + shipping if anyone is interested.
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by Darrenmv

For notifications it does depend on iPhone settings apparently

You need to have ALLOW NOTIFICATIONS / ON LOCK SCREEN selected.
In Options, if you select:

ALWAYS: you see the SMS and its text on the ELEMNT
WHEN UNLOCKED: you see the SMS and its text on the ELEMNT (just like with ALWAYS)
NEVER: you get nada

Re AXS gearing I had the same issue but forgetting and repairing gave me gear options to change

by Weenie

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by MoPho

Mine has done that every now and then, but lately I have been having issues with it taking a long time to find a satellite connection, or not finding at all, it often gives incorrect speed readings too. I've also had it completely freeze up on me a few times.

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