Campagnolo Bora One 35 and technical details for a lightweight cyclist

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by jgpallero


I'm a tall and lightweight cyclist (1.77 m and 59 kg), and I'm thinking about purchasing a Campagnolo Bora One 35 wheelset. I've never owned a wheels with this kind of profile, and I'm afraid about its behavior in crosswind situations. I know 35 mm is not so much profile, but my weight is only 59 kg and due to my 1.77 m tall my body surface is not as smaller as for a shorter person. In my region the wind can reach sometimes (but rarely) 30 km/h or 35 km/h. Are safe the Bora One 35 in this conditions?

On the other hand, due to the age of my bike frame (a Colnago Extreme C) I must use tires of 23 mm (25 mm are too wide), and I inflate them at 8 bar (116 psi). Is safe to inflate a carbon clincher wheels to 8 bar? I remember to read some time ago that clincher full carbon wheels had limitations about air pressure, and also a limitation about the place to put the brake pads (not too close to the rim edge)


by Weenie

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by dj97223

I find the Bora 35 fine in crosswinds, and I'm no heavyweight. I also find that 25mm Veloflex will fit my C50 with Campag 11 speed calipers, but mine are tubular so the tire profile may be slightly different than a clincher tire.
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by joejack951

At your weight, you don’t need nearly that high of tire pressure. On my bike with 23mm clinchers (Vittoria Corsa G+) I run about 85-90 psi (~6 bar) and I’m nearly 10 kg heavier than you.

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by Zappano

I'm 180cm and 60kg. Riding with 35mm is no problem. I'm riding all year with Roval CLX 50 wheels and I have no problems with wind at all. I consider 50mm wheels as the perfect all-around wheels.

I think too that 8 bar is a bit high for your weight. Try lowering your pressure a bit every ride until you find the perfect tire pressure. I used to ride with 8+ bar as well (with 22 or 23mm tires) but now I'm currently at 6 bar with 26mm tires and I like it (and I could still go lower). You still feel the road and it's enough pressure to not be frightened getting a puncture at the next pothole.
Additionally, lower tire pressure is in many cases faster and of course more comfortable (same with wider tires).
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by tommasini

I'm about your height but a little heavier (70kg) and ride both the older and newer profiles of Bora 50 on windy rides (USA - central plains flatlands and colorado mountains) and never have a fuss about cross winds with those wheels. My take on it is that if the wind is enough to push my line a bit it's more so because of it hitting the larger area of my body.

What everyone else said above is spot on - plus I'll add that the quality of Boras - hub, rim, build is top notch. I've got thousands of miles on my 2 sets of Bora's and have never had to touch the spokes for any kind of trueing. No brake rub, super smooth hubs, and using the red campy pads provides excellent braking.

Go for it!
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by fogman

I have the Bora One 35. I use Vittoria Corsa G+ 23mm tires, which measure 25mm when inflated to 100 psi (6.9 bar), due to the internal rim bead width being 17c.

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by JKolmo

I’ve been able to squeeze in 25mm Veloflexes (tubulars however) on my Extreme C. Can’t go wrong with the Bora 35s, they handle sidewinds wonderful (I’m a bit porkier than you at 63 kgs though...).


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by pdlpsher1

You'll be fine. I'm 172cm and 57.6kg. I have both the Bora 35 and Bora 50. In the winter we get strong winds. I see 50-60kph cross winds while riding the Bora 35. I don't like it but I manage to keep the bike upright.

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by Weenie

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