36 cm handlebar (at the tops) with a slight outsweep

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by LouisN

Like the title says. Looking for a 36 cm handlebar with a slight outsweep ( or flare would do it ) kind of like Zipp's Service Course SL-80.
Other options out there ?


Louis :)

by Weenie

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by C36

Enve SES aéro for the bars, Farsports f1 for the combos.
Those are the 2 references I know that narrow

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by TobinHatesYou

Yep, ENVE SES Aero are 40cm at the drops, 35cm at the hoods. I use the 42/37cm sized bars and they're my favorite bar shape overall.

Ritchey Evo Curve in 38cm is 37.2cm at the hoods.

Just about all FSA 38cm bars are 36cm at the hoods.

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by RyanH

Specialized S-Works for Women in size 38. They're 36.5cm at the hoods iirc and 38 at the drops. I run them on all my bikes. The men's 38cm bars do not flare, only the women's do.

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by LouisN

Enve bars's price :shock:
Will check FSA SL-K's, didn't think they had that "outsweep" shape, thanks for the tip :beerchug: .
Energy looks a little heavy at 269g for "high end" 7050 alloy bars. It must be that wide flat top that makes em that heavy:

Louis :)
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by alanyu

plus the old 3T ergonova 38 width. They are 36 at hoods and 38 at drops. I can't understand why they stopped this size for superergo although quite a lot riders need this.

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by Marin

FSA 38s are 36 at the levers. Really good shape, I'm running the 40s now. Check PlanetX, got a 178g carbon one for a great price there.

by Weenie

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