FYI Liqui Moly cheap alternative for Wako's Brake Protector

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by moock

To eliminate play and creaks there is the famous Brake Protector from Wako.
But at 50eur + shipping for 100g its crazy expensive.

Yesterday I sent an email to LIQUI MOLY and told them that I need a grease for pressfit tasks between carbon/plastic and metal/aluminium to eliminate play and therefore creaking.
The grease need to be resistant against salty water (sweat), corrosion, cold water (rain) ansd warm water (when cleaning).
I also mentioned the Brake Protector (V-160) from Wako.

Today I received an answer and he recommended to use LIQUI MOLY 3312. Like the Wako, the grease is silicone based.
100g for 11,50euro incl. shipping (Amazon, Germany). It should be availible anywhere in Europa, maybe in US. idk.

I have not tried it yet, but if you are looking for a cheaper alternative, maybe that's the way to go. :thumbup:
Does anyone already have experience with it?

by Weenie

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by pedale

I used it to silence creaking through axles and it worked. Surprinsingly doesn't work so well to silence wet disc brakes, but maybe I didn't apply enough with the fear of contaminating pads and rotors.

Be careful when you open it, this thing is thick and not going to be removed easily from anything.

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