How should the front of cycling jersey fit?

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by biwa

I've always worn slim-fitting jerseys from European brands and recently tried a "snug" fit one (though the brand/seller suggested I could have sized down one to achieve a 'race' fit). The one thing that stands out after trying it on is the short front length - there is only about 2-2.5cm overlap between the jersey and front of the bibs when I stand straight. If I stretch my arms over my head, my belly button will show.

I know we don't stretch like that while riding, but I wonder how short is too short for the front of a jersey and is there any rule of thumb to test it? More generally, how should a 'snug' jersey fit at the front both length and width wise.

by Weenie

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by caad4rep

Sounds right. Standing upright the jersey should be short in the front.

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by TobinHatesYou

I have a long torso and my belly button will show with pretty much any race-fit jersey. Some brands are even shorter in front that others. Rapha has an inverted V-cut at the waist and I simply can't wear them at all. Castelli jerseys are a bit longer, but I tend to wear 2-in-1 skinsuits like the San Remo now, even on training rides.

In terms of snugness, I want the jersey to be super snug across the chest and core...I don't want any loose fabric at all and would rather have those horizontal stretch lines around my armpits than loos wrinkles. I want the sleeves to be super snug as well. The only opening I don't want too tight is the collar.

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