Campagnolo 11 / 12 speed compatibility

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by rhysldavies

Hi all, apologies if this has been asked but i couldnt find an answer via the search function.

I have a new Argon 18 Gallium Pro 2019 frame on a crash replacement after my old frame got smashed up in a car collision and ive always been a campag man.

I have a couple of parts that survived the crash - namely the 11 speed chorus brake calipers, 11 speed chorus front mech and a stunning 11 speed Super Record chainset. Which (if any) of these would be compatible with the other components in a 12 speed campag set up? Otherwise i will either stick with 11 speed components or maybe even move to the dark side and put Dura Ace 9100 on it as that would also look pretty smart in the black colourway.

I would build 12 speed up bit by bit via ebay and online deals as i'm in no immediate rush to build the bike so i could hopefully do it at a decent price.

Thanks all


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by AJS914

The crankset and brake calipers will not be a problem.

by Weenie

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by JoO

Sorry to hijack your thread but would a pre 2015 crankset also work with 12 speed chain and derailleurs?

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by DaveS

11 speed cranksets should all work the same. AFAIK, only the shift levers, FDs and RDs were changed in 2015. You might get the 2015+ FD to work, since the 12 speed left shifter works about the same, but with the small cost of a FD, I'd buy a 12 speed. The new maximum smoothness cables are a must, IMO.

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by Crossdrop

Do you have some details if 11s crankset really workds well with 12 speed everything else? Got the issue as I want to upgrade from 11s to 12s but am not willing to replace to 11s Comp Ultra Crankset as it's got totally different BB and bearings.

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by joeyb1000

The only real issue is that 11s HO and 12s cranks have 8mm spacing between the chainrings. All other 11s chainrings have 7.6mm. The 12s front derailleur now has 4 clicks (11s had 3) - now and extra position on the large chainring.
I've used an 11s crankset with a 12s derailleurs. It works just fine, but you will need to spend more time fine tuning it. I eventually switched to 12s cranks, but mostly for looks.
This does not matter on EPS since you can trim both the small and large chainrings separately.

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by robertbb

Further to the comment above, here are the similarities and differences between standard 11s, 11s HO and 12s cranks/chainrings:

- As Joey said above, 11s HO and 12s cranks have 8mm spacing between the chainrings (standard C/R/SR 11s chainrings have 7.6mm)
- The chainline on 11s HO and 12s cranks (and Centaur as well actually) is 44.5mm whereas standard C/R/SR 11s cranks have a chainline of 43.5mm

I did a fair bit of research (and emailed back-and-forth with graeme_f_k) after a bike fit necessitated a move to a shorter crank. Originally I had wanted to use a Potenza HO crank with my Chorus 11s groupset because I could get it for half the price. I was told that while it was technically backwards compatible with my groupset it would be a bit fiddlier to set up the FD and I *may* have issues in certain gear combinations depending on my frame's specs.

In the end I didn't want to accept compromise and decided to sell my Chorus groupset complete (sold last week) and have since purchased a full Potenza HO (rim) groupset on sale and given the compatibility with the 12s chainline actually picked up a 12s chorus sub-compact crank. Broken even dollar wise too, which was nice.The HO Potenza shifters have an updated left shifter to play nicely with the HO/12s cranks/rings. And while I never thought I'd say this - I actually prefer Power shift to Ultra shift.

by Weenie

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by Crossdrop

Hey guys,

thanks so far! So now I know that it would all work (most probably quite perfect). However, I think I stay with 11s for the moment. Campa's Comp Ultra Crank also requires special tools to remove and I defenitely would change from 50/34 to 52/36 with 12s. As I guess 12s will remain for a couple of years, I can replace later on. For now I keep my SR. Maybe even nicer, as due to the price I'd just buy Record so I'd actually downgrade the bike somehow :roll:

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