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by BiaNeutron

Long time Speedplay Zero user here. Fitted my first set of walkable cleats, previous ones have all been the v2's. Went with the walkable as I do not see the v2 being available. Noticed two things with the walkable and am wondering if they are the norm. First, I use a 3mm leg length shim under the left foot. When I hold the plate under the cleat and drop the four small screws in place on the cleat, they do not like up either the holes on the plate. The lengthwise pitch of the holes on the cleat are now not quite the same as the plate. I dud manage to git the cleat but it's less than satisfactory and am wondering if this has caused undue pressure on the cleat.

Second, there is a noticeable increase in rotational friction when engaged. More than what I would expect from swapping in new v2's.

Are these observations the norm now? I see both as originating from the fact that the metal cover on the cleat is now a stamp process as opposed to the v2 being a flat plate.

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by IrrelevantD

BiaNeutron wrote:
Tue Dec 24, 2019 7:13 pm
Second, there is a noticeable increase in rotational friction when engaged. More than what I would expect from swapping in new v2's.
Can't speak to the shin question, but regarding the friction, make sure you're not sure get torquing the plate. I have walkable on my road shoes and v2 on my boots and can't tell the difference. I have noticed on the walkable that you can end up with some tightness if you tighten down the plate too much, which seems to be easier to do than with the v2. Also, the walkable seem a little more prone to rust and grime, but that could just be because I use them more in adverse conditions. I don't generally ride when it's both cold and wet, so the v2s don't seem much wet.
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by Weenie

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by bikeboy1tr

I do know you have to be careful that the shims are not distorting or bending the cleats when you tighten the bolts down. If there is any kind of deformation at all the engagement and disengagement will have additional resistance and possibly not hold properly as well. I know the hole diameters in the cleat are very close to the bolt diameters which makes them fussy to get the bolt alignment right. I use cleat wedges on mine and they seem to work fine with this setup.
The walkable cleat should feel the same as the V2 for engagement and disengagement.
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by ipaul

@BiaNeutron, i've had similar issues where the screws are very tight to the metal wear plaste. The holes are just a tad bit off with walkable and the screw bend the metal slots making the screw hard to engage. I push the screws through plate first and then screw to plastic adapter.

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