sidi insole length?

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by simoncx

Anyone know the length of the sidi insole for size 45.5 or 46? I had wires and drakos in 45 and they were a little too short in length compared to shimano and had to sell them. Right now I'm using shimano xc901 and rc901 in size 45 and the insole length of about 290mm and length is spot on but I noticed 2 or 3 different sizes guides for sidi and not really sure which is right.

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by pemo


A couple of years ago I did these measurements:
- sidi wire in 44: 278x90mm
- sidi ergo3 in 45: 282x90mm
- shimano r321 in 44.5: 289x93mm
And for me sidi 44.5 (278mm is spot on) whereas shimano 44 (285mm) is too small.

In your case I would say that sidi in 45 or 45.5 could be ok.

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