Best possible carbon disk wheels for up to $2500?

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by TheRich

C36 wrote:
Mon Dec 02, 2019 9:14 am
Not sure if I am detecting high level of sarcasm or if you got lost from Instagram nice-looking-bikes accounts :)
Attention to details is quite the purpose of this place.

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I try to keep things in perspective. An ounce or two or some marginal improvement in stiffness (because that's really what you're talking about, inperceptable differences) just aren't as readily perceived as something that looks "right."

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by Weenie

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by Karvalo

FactoryMatt wrote:
Sun Dec 01, 2019 7:08 pm
cosmics hands down.

if you could pair the CLX hubs with the mavic rims, then those would be the best. otherwise, the cosmics.
You kinda could. The CLX hub is essentially a DT 240 with CS bearings in a different shell, and the Mavic CXP Carbon disc rim is basically the rim from the Cosmic wheelset with different spoke drilling.

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by C36

spdntrxi wrote:
C36 wrote:
Mon Dec 02, 2019 9:14 am
spdntrxi wrote:geo this.. geo that... how about real world performace. I've seen plenty of stuff look great on paper and less then steller in real life.

Unless you have tried well ...pound sand. I'm not saying they are the best, but they are solid . Coming from a 85kg sprinter type I've never had a problem with stiffness.
Is geometry important, all other things being equal? Yes because of mechanics/physics... simple, more angle bring more stiffness.

Is geometry the silver bullet? No, won’t patch using too little or too thin spokes.

Now, without presuming the wheels you tested saying you NEVER encountered wheel stiffness problem would surprise me. With 20kg less than you I saw quite a lot of differences along the years.

me being ... well more solid :thumbup: I never opt for the standard build... it's always at a min for example cx sprint spokes on the drive side.
It’s a very good practice to bring back some stiffness lost when Sapim introduced Cx-ray and people jumped into the weight sawing, confusing that tensile strength woul have any impact on stiffness.
Funny enough DT now has aerocomp (cx sprint equivalent) spokes in their advanced rear wheels and it made a significant jump in stiffness to get close to the 50N/mm (that start being some good stiffness level).

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by Noctiluxx

I ended up ordering the Enve 5.6 disk for my Cervelo R5 disk and Enve 3.4 rim brake clinchers for my TCR, both with Enve alloy hubs. I could not pass up the price of $1700 out the door per pair.
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