Short nose saddles vs. classic saddles

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by Sojodave

I rode the Power Elaston and found it too soft for long distances and caused numbness. I have had the most miles on the Power Expert, but I just ordered a Power Mimic. I ride with a guy who says it's the best saddle he has ever ridden.

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by sirRob

I always was very satisfied with the tune speedneedle so this is my reference. Last year I tested a lot with prologo dimension and the pro stealth. In the end the dimension with carbonrails provided me the most comfort. Finding the correct adjustment was a longer process and the result is that it works only with the tip slightly up for me as you can see in the picture. The "Tirox" dimension was not comfortable though in the same position. Now my bike is slightly heavier than it was with my speedneedle but especially in the drops the shorter saddle feels more comfortable.


by Weenie

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by Schadenfreude

Well, my experiment with Prologo Dimension lasted all of about 30 mins. The nose just felt like it was chewing into all the wrong places. It's a shame because it felt very comfy on the sit bones. I tried different angles, etc, but it just wasn't fun from the get go. I felt the same with the Specialized Power. I might try the Arc at some point. In the meantime, I might test Wiggle's return policy :twisted:

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by 10Caad

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Omiar wrote:Im using an entry level, non-carbon Toupe. I like it because it provides a lot of flex in the middle which makes for a comfortable ride. But I do feel that a short nose saddle would be better for me.
Is there a short nose, carbon shell, carbon railed saddle that has some flex in the shell?
S-Works Power...that’s what I got

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Some of the dudes in my group rides are running the S-works power Mimic.. Seems to be more comfortable than the regular power according to them, even though it's supposedly designed for women specifically. The newest concept/3d printed ones will be interesting once it comes out, seems to have different density in different area.
If I wanted one with more comfort I would go with the power elaston...

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Saddles are a personal item, but I've got nothing but love for my S-works Power! I regularly do gran fondos (~160 km) and have never had any issues some 2.5 years in.

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by Cattiy

For me the Arc was much better than the normal Power.

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by SandwichNP

Anybody spend time on the Syncros Belcarra? The dimensions are similar to others, and allegedly the saddle was designed in collaboration with Gebiomized, which should provide for some decent biodynamic information. The saddle is also priced extremely competitively- $50 cheaper than either of the lighter Power/Aeolus saddles, and their cheapest version is 50g lighter than either the spec or bonty. Very few people have ride time though, it seems.

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by golty

Selle San Macro Shortfit racing saddle is a decent short nose saddle, my bike fitter recommended. Prefer it to the Power as it feels less sharp. Really light weight with carbon rails also

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by nulldreiundreissig

Did anyone have a chance to test the new Fizik Saddles?

I just got my new Teambike and i'm currently torn between getting a lower grade specialized power in 143mm and waiting for the fiziks to arrive...

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by Sojodave

I just got the Fizik Argo Tempo and I've only ridden it twice, but I'm really impressed with the comfort so far. I hope to take it on a longer ride this weekend. I like the shape with a slight dip and a higher tail. Huge cut-out and firm padding with a flexible base. Only time will tell.

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