Red Etap 11sp vs Force AXS 12sp?

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.

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Sram Red Etap 11sp - keep it.
Sram Force AXS 12sp - upgrade it.
Sram Force AXS 12sp and go 1x for weight saving.
Sram Red AXS is the only way to go.
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by tabl10s

TLN wrote:
Tue Nov 26, 2019 7:03 pm
Was talking to my LBS few days ago and talked into pretty good price on Force AXS group.
Currently have Red Etap HRD, that works great for me. Force AXS was priced very agressively, and I thought about switching to it for a second. It's pretty subjective, since all the groups work great. I know it will be a bit heavier, but it's not a deal-breaker for me. New extra modes in AXS group (sequental, compensating) looks interesting. Not sure if there's anything else. Haven't played with AXS before.

-I live in flat area, was running Force 1x, 50x 11-28 with no big issues before.
-Currently have 52/36 and 11-28. Might size down to 11-25 or 11-26 cassette.
-I ride 5-6k/year, increased cost of 12sp parts (cassettes and chains) is not a deal-breaker, but still.

Keep existing etap:
-Lots of available parts: wheels/cassettes/chains.
-If it works - don't touch it.
-Saves $, even though its inexpensive upgrade.
-Lighter then Force AXS

Upgrade to force axs:
-Newer tech
-Faster shifting. Is it? Red AXS is faster than older etap, what about Force AXS?
-More expensive parts (cassettes/chains). Not a dealbreaker, but still.
-Bit heavier.

I'm also considering 1x with new Force AXS. It will give a bit bigger range then I had before with 1x. Will probably weight close to existing etap (No FD, one less chainring).
Get a second frame for the old components and have the best of both worlds.
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by Weenie

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by zinedrei

keep the etap if you have no issues with them
use them until they break and by that time, sram may have a new 13/14s wireless gs available

i recently built a disc rb and decided on the same options, except that i will get them both new
i got the force 12s just because it is newer and i got a good deal on new CK hubs with xdr body

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by WorkonSunday

i had a choice to go 12 when building my TT bike, but went with 11 at the end, all my other bikes are 11 speed and my turbo is set up with 11 speed. may be in the future i will move onto 12, but 11 for now.
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by fjvillalobosm

shotgun wrote:I'm in a similar situation. Couple of reasons that made me deside to stay with 11s Red eTap
- It's lighter
- no cash out (for other stuff)
- it shifts fast enough
- 11s is enough for me
- I can still use other wheels and borrow wheels (if I get a flat), 12s isnt' widely used yet
I'm in the same page...I'm building up a S-Works Tarmac and Im considering Red ETAP 11 to keep using my actual wheels and be compatible with my old Look 595 mounted with ETAP 11v

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by Alexbn921

AJS914 wrote:
Tue Nov 26, 2019 7:47 pm
You live in a flat area and so you don't really need another gear. "Upgrading" sounds like just spending money for no reason. Take a cycling vacation with the money. Have an adventure!
This. I have force axs and need every gear to get up the mountains around me. I was on a triple before and was waiting for 12 speed for the extra range. If you dont need the range then 11 is your best bet. Lighter, cheaper, lots of options and parts are easy to find if you need them while traveling.

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by sgtrobo

it was my understanding that AXS is notably heavier than original eTap, no?

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by RocketRacing

sgtrobo wrote:
Sun Dec 29, 2019 12:12 am
it was my understanding that AXS is notably heavier than original eTap, no?
Yes. Very much so. And the force axs is so heavy that sram markets the weight as "will make you faster when you ride your lighter dura ace bike".

But in all seriousness... weight means little to nothing.

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by robertbb

RocketRacing wrote:
Mon Dec 30, 2019 4:36 am
But in all seriousness... weight means little to nothing.
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by wheelsONfire

Keep Etap....

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by RacingAlgarve

My bike has Red eTap 11sp and I rode a 2020 bike with the new Red AXS 12sp recently and didn't feel the difference was noticable really. But then I also don't really feel electonic shifting, much less wireless, is of any significant benefit and can still win races without it. My typical daily training ride of between 50 - 80km will include around 500 - 1000m+ of climbing but I'm a strong climber anyway and find my compact 34/50 and 11/28 ideal. Anyway, if my 2019 Wilier bike never came with eTap, I wouldn't have bothered speccing any electronic group. The gains are incredibly marginal, in my opinion.

I prefer rim to disc for my road bike and I don't need AXS so I'm perfectly happy with my current set up in those respects. Also I like the light weight; 6.1kg incl. the Zipp 303's. Lighter with my climbing wheels on. The only thing I might change now is the cockpit - make it integrated aero.

I am a big fan of latest tech so get the lure of new stuff, I change my mobile every year, laptop every two, GoPro every year, camera every generation new stuff! But for my bikes, I dunno, I tend to keep them awhile - my 2019 Wilier replaced a 2012 Bianchi that had zero upgrades.

Anyway, all a long-winded way of suggesting you really believe you are going to get a practical benefit from the Force AXS rather than just the idea that improvements are there on some marginal level given your Red eTap is excellent as is.

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by Nickldn

I got a Red ETAP 11 sp groupset for a bike build about a week before Red AXS was announced (early 2019).

At first I was a bit shocked and gutted, but once I looked at the benefits of AXS and the price difference I realised that actually I probably made the right choice anyway. Price was a factor in all this, as was compatibility and parts availability.

One of my reasons against getting AXS was availability of freehubs. It's less hassle now (almost a year down the line) of course, but I still don't like the closed AXS ecosystem. We have all become very used to the "universal" 11 sp ecosystem and availability of interchangeable parts.

It will take a lot of persuasion to move everyone onto new, more proprietary ecosystems from Shimano and SRAM.
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by TLN

It seems there's no reason to leave 11sp at the moment. Makes all components compatible, and my life easier.
I agree that unless we have universal 12sp standart it won't be widely adapted. I'm still kinda interested in sequential shifting features with axs... but it seems like it will cost me extra $1000 or more. I can easily live without it.
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