Northwave Extreme Pro or Fizik Infinito R1 ?

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by LouisN

I narrowed down my next shoe purchase to these two models.
The main reason being my lbs can get both these brands. They look pretty similar in shape, build and closing system.
The bike store has many models but not the high end ones (we're in a low crowded region), so I don't know if the high end fit is different.
I had an older 3 velcro strap Northwave Extreme (size 42) but it was one size too small. I also have a Northwave Scorpius MTB pair (size 43) and it's too large.

So, besides size, is there any WW here that had one of the above mentioned shoes, or both, and can recommend them over the other for specific reasons ?
I'm not considering the knit version for the R1. I like a tight fit. Was happy in my S-Works 6 shoes as I have normal to narrow flat feet and smallish ankles. Now it's time to push my new bike store brands.

Louis :)

by Weenie

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by mr_tim

Had had a few sets of the fizik r1.

The boa fastener always eventually rips out from the fixing point at the shoe. The stitching sort of cuts the plastic fixing point of the boa base apart.

So be aware of that.

The knit version being snythetic I hope avoids this problem. You can make the knit version feel as tight on the foot as the leather version and it's not really noticeably cooler (using them right now in autumn uk 3deg rides with cotton over sock and winter sock no problems).

The northwave evo has a very roomy toe box. For me however it had a very high fixing point which caused awful contact points over the top of my foot. So be aware of that and avoid if you notice any issue.

Looking around for feedback from friends; The shoes with the best longevity and fit seem to be sidi. Guys have them literally 5yrs plus with no issues. This is people doing 15hrs riding per week all conditions. I had heel fabric wear problems with them 15yrs back but think they must have sorted it out now if I can see ppl using them now for such long periods of time.

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Dan Gerous
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by Dan Gerous

I'd avoid Northwaves, durability is the poorest from all shoes I have owned, they fall apart quickly and their home brand dials are not as smooth, not as easy to use and only get worst in bad weather compared to Boa, Mavic or other brands, they feel very cheap... Can't say I found the Northwave comfortable either but that depends a lot on feet shapes.

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by bikeboy1tr

I have been using the Northwave road shoes for some time now. I normally fit in the 43 and my foot is 110 X 276mm but since my Extreme Tech shoes the Northwave sizing has changed on the top models as my Extreme RR I require a 43.5 and apparantly the latest version Extreme Pro is even tighter where a 44 is required to fit my foot. I also have the Revolution which fits me in 43. The thing that is really annoying is the Northwave charts have not changed from 5 years ago where a size 42.5 was supposed to fit me but I know they never did then and they sure as hell wont now. Below is a couple links from threads that I used to gather some info. I am a big fan of the Northwave as they fit my speedplay very well and also my foot when you can figure what size actually fits without going into a brick and mortor shop as we have none in our area for the top end Northwave. I have had no issues with longevity and my dials have worked fine for me. My foot is medium to low volume so the single dial shoes go on without to much bother.

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by LouisN

@mrTim: Yeah, as a WW I'm favoring the ligher shoes, but also under the impression I'll end up with a pair of Sidi Wire Carbon 2 (also available through my lbs)... :?

@Dan: My MTB Northwaves (Scorpius) are really cheap and not durable for a $250. shoe. I destroyed them (ratchet system, heel inside material) in less than 4 week-ends of CX races...don't know about the recent higher end ones though...

@bikeboy: Yeah, I have to put my feet in the actual model (any brand), as no distributor will accept returns for a wrong size ordered... :?

Louis :)

by Weenie

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by otnemem

I have the Northwave Extreme RR. I went with a size 44 which is equivalent to a UK10 where I would usually be able to use a UK9.5.
The shoes' quality is head and shoulders above my previous Bont Helix (for which I had to go with an even bigger 44.5).
The only thing I miss is a more anatomical toebox like Bont's, but it was a compromise I was willing to make to have a fairly light shoe that doesn't seem like it was put together by a 12 year old.
The Boa-like system works well. The sole is great. Comfortable without hotspots (Shimano gave me hotspots and Bont felt like I had cattle prods on the balls of my feet).

The new version should be even better and easier to get a comfortable fit with the two dials.

I'd like to try the Lake CX301 or 332 next.

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