Thoughts on Recent Purchase (Crashed Emonda SLR Frame)

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by jrsiebe

I recently took a chance on a damaged 2018 Emonda SLR Disc frame, in order to build a sub 13.5lb disc bike. Top tube was completely cracked all the way around. The bike was repaired by a specialist who claims to have 15 years of experience in carbon fiber repair. Honestly the repair looks immaculate, and the price was 1/6 the cost of a new slr frameset, so I jumped on it. My only concern is that the frame weight is a bit over what I anticipated. The frame with a BB90 bottom bracket and derailleur hanger comes in at about 840 grams at size 52cm. The stated weight of a 2018 emonda SLR frame is 665 grams at size 56cm. Accounting for about 50 grams for the hanger and BB, this comes to about 790 grams.

Any have experience with frame weights being significantly off ?
Do you think the carbon repair is responsible for the ~100+ gram addition? Seems like a lot to me.

Also, I'm struggling with a groupset for this bike. I want the lightest hydraulic setup possible without forking over the money for Dura-Ace Di2. I'm willing to go R8070, or 9120 but I'm not sure which has the lightest total system weight.

Any thougths/help you can provide is appreciated. Thanks for reading.

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by Weenie

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by ruklaw

Did you weigh it before it was repaired? Seems fairly plausible that in the course of the repair additional carbon fibre and epoxy have been added, inevitably bringing the weight up a bit.

Paint can also weigh a bit, especially if an additional layer has been added to the whole frame.

Then factor in that spec weights are usually a bit below actual weights and I don't think you're doing that badly to be honest.

Fairly unsurprisingly, dura ace mechanical hydraulic is somewhat lighter than ultegra di2 hydraulic - ... comparison

Buying a dura ace crankset/cassette will save a fair bit of weight on an ultegra di2 setup, if that is your main priority.

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by TobinHatesYou

My Project One Emonda SLR Disc frames weighed ~750g with hanger, bottle cage bolts, but without the bottom bracket bearings. This is still significantly lighter than the measured weights of competing brand frames.

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by FIJIGabe

665g is the stated weight of an unpainted frame. Factoring what may have been needed for the repair (if the entire top tube was broken, then it would require a larger, and probably more intense repair, I wouldn't worry about the small weight gain.
To keep it in perspective, your frame is still under 1kg, which is lighter than a lot of high-end frames, so I wouldn't worry too much about it (especially if you got it at such a good price).

For components, check out ... comparison. They have good comparisons on weight. It looks like the biggest weight difference is crank (60g), cassette (59g), RD (43g) and shifters (40g). Your chain is a good place to lose a little weight, too (10g), and the DA chain is stronger, so there's an added benefit. What I did with my rim brake Madone was I went with 8050 and upgraded the crank, cassette and chain to DA9100.
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by LewisK

If the crack was all the way around, then it would have been a fairly large repair, quite a lot of additional carbon and epoxy would have been added, plus the re paint. So in excess of 100g is possible.

Keep us posted (photos), on the new build 😀

by Weenie

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by jrsiebe

You guys asked for photos, so here it goes. Just the frame so far, and a shot of where the crack used to be.

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