Adding aux shifters to di2 (TT) bars

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by Tuna96

So I've added a sworks tt clipon to my tarmac and have been exploring ways of adding shifters in a way that will allow me to unplug when not doing triathlon as I dont plan on keeping them mounted all the time. My first obstacle is the disc brake version of di2 from what I understand doesn't have the extra plug to add sprint shifters. My second obstacle is from what I understand, that the new tarmac has the junction box mounted under the seatpost. I'm fairly good at soldering and tinkering with things but I am brand new to di2 and am still learning the components. Are there splitters, extensions ect? What type of wiring do the SW-R9150 shifters use? Where do they plug in? Can someone point me in the right direction. Thanks guys

by Weenie

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